6ix9ine Responds to Lil Reese Getting Shot

On May 15, the Brooklyn rapper-federal informant commented on multiple social media blog posts reporting on the shooting, which took place Saturday morning in Chicago and allegedly involved a stolen vehicle.

“Lil Tim out here wildin,” Tekashi typed in the comment section on one post, referencing the Quando Rondo associate who is charged with killing Chi-Town rapper King Von.

6ix9ine doubled down on the trolling in another post about the shooting. “How [Reese] get shot before quando 😩😩,” Tekashi posted.

He directed a third comment at Chicago rapper Lil Durk. “Buy ya man a car you got him looking crazy in that video,” Tekashi added, referring to a graphic video that has been circulating the internet, which shows Reese bleeding on the sidewalk.

6ix9ine didn’t stop there. He took the taunts to his own account, claiming there is a 6ix9ine curse. He also posted a screenshot of a GoFundMe page raising money to “Help Reese Buy a Car.”

“What happened today is not funny lets all chip in and help him buy his own car,” 6ix9ine captioned the post.

Tekashi later posted a screenshot of an IG Live exchange he had with Reese earlier this year, where Reese appeared to flash a gun. “You mean to tell me you have it on Instagram but not in real life[?],” 6ix9ine questioned.

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