12 Sexiest Canadian Female Singers

Avril Lavigne Hot SingerThe great country of Canada has produced some of the biggest entertainers the world has ever seen. There is no shortage of talent in this country, and when you get to talking about sexy pop stars, there are several beautiful women to choose from. In the following list, we profile 12 of the hottest Canadian female singers on the scene right now. Some of them are pretty new on the scene, and there are others  who have been around for over a decade. There’s even one lady on this list who used to be in the same group with the Toronto rap superstar Drake. So without further ado, here is the list of Canada’s 12 sexiest female pop stars.

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Fefe Dobson

Fefe Dobson Pop Singer

Fefe Dobson is an eclectic soul singer and songwriter from Ontario, Canada. She has enjoyed a decent amount of success in her career, but the topic that got her the most publicity was her claim regarding another popular singer called Rihanna. In 2009, Fefe Dobson claimed that Rihanna was jacking her fashion style and music sound. In an interview with Honey magazine in 2009, she said that Rihanna switched her dancehall/reggae look and vibe to mimic her boho, rock-infused aura. With all that said, she still remains very sexy in her own right and she is currently engaged to the slick-rhyming rapper Yelawolf.

Elise Estrada

Elise Estrada Hot Pics

Elise Estrada is another multi-talented pop actress from Canada. She was actually born in the Philippines but she moved to Canada when she was four years old. She broke out on the scene in 2008 with her self-titled debut album which featured the hit single “Insatiable.” Her next album in 2010 was called Here Kitty Kittee and it had a popular single called “Lipstick.” Her latest album was released earlier this year called #Round 3. She has also appeared in two of her own television series entitled Love Court and My date with Elise Estrada.

Melanie Fiona

Melanie Fiona Sexy Pics

Not too many singers can say they have been in a group with rap superstar Drake, but Melanie Fiona can definitely chalk that up on her drawing board. Before Drake exploded on the scene and Fiona made a name for herself with her album in 2009, the two future stars were in a group called The Renaissance. Since then, Fiona has gone on to earn Grammy award nominations and perform on tracks with names like Cee-Lo and Raekwon, and her third album titled Free Love should be dropping soon. She has a new single called “Cold Piece” which is serving as the main teaser to her upcoming LP.

Carly Rae Jepsen

Carly Rae Jepsen Hot

One of the biggest pop songs of the last two years was the super-saccharine track “Call Me Maybe” by Canadian pop star Carly Rae Jepsen. In 2007, she placed third on Canada’s version of the Idol reality singing show, and her breakthrough single is what really allowed her to explode on the scene. “Call Me Maybe” has received over 400 million views on YouTube, and just as recently as last month, the song was part of the plot line of the CBS network show The Good Wife. She is currently signed to the same management as Justin Bieber, and it will be interesting to see if she can create another hit to match the success of her breakthrough single.


Aleesia Pics

Toronto born singer Aleesia is another popular artist on the Canadian music scene. In her career, she has opened for several huge stars including Bruno Mars, Adam Lambert, Far East Movement and more. Also her most recent album titled Girl Talk hooked her up with some of the biggest music producers in the game. Some of these included Bangladesh (Lil Wayne, Rihanna), The Stereotypes (Justin Bieber) and The Dream Machine (Britney Spears).  Her ascent to the top looks like it’s just beginning and this is one name you’ll probably be hearing a lot from.

Keshia Chante

Keshia Chante Canadian Singer

Keshia Chante certainly sets herself apart on this list, because she is the only one who currently serves as an active host on a popular American cable network. She’s the co-host of the popular music countdown show 106 & Park on BET along with the rapper Bow Wow. But before she scored the gig on the show, she was a bona fide star in Canada. In her singing career, she has had several Top 10 singles and even has a Juno Award to her name. In addition to her life in the limelight, she is also dedicated charity worker and philanthropist. Not only is she beautiful and sexy on the outside, but she has a good heart as well.

Kreesha Turner

Kreesha Turner Style

The 29-yr-old Kreesha Turner might just be one of the sexiest international singers you’ve never heard about. She hails from Alberta, Canada and has released two albums to date. Her first album was called Passion and it yielded a couple of successful singles namely “Bounce With Me” and “Don’t Call Me Baby.” The latter was one of the biggest songs in Canada in 2008. Her second album was released in 2011, and she is currently working on her third major album. She has been named by Complex Magazine as one of the sexiest global singers, and she has a funky and eclectic style that definitely makes her stand out from the pack.

Nelly Furtado

Nelly Furtado Hot Canadian Singer

Of all the Canadian singers in this list, Nelly Furtado is certainly one of the most well-known and commercially successful. Since the British Columbia native became active on the scene in the early 2000’s, she has sold over 20 million albums worldwide. Some of her standout singles include “I’m Like A Bird,” “Man Eater,” “Promiscuous,” and “Say It Right.” A big reason for her success is her creative collaboration with the exceedingly gifted music producer Timbaland. She has won Grammy Awards, Juno Awards and even released albums in Spanish. At the age of 35, she still remains one of the sexiest actresses Canada has ever produced.

Victoria Duffield

Victoria Duffield Beautiful Canadian Singer

The 19-yr-old Victoria Duffield is from Abbotsford, British Colombia and she is a talented triple threat: singer, dancer and actor. She released her debut single ‘Shut Up And Dance” in 2011, and it eventually became the most played song by a Canadian artist for nine weeks straight. The single went platinum and earned a Much Music Video nomination for the young artist. She is also a talented actress as well and has appeared on the popular Canadian teen sitcom Mr Young.

Mia Martina

Mia Martina Hot Images

29-yr-old Mia Martina hails from New Brunswick, Canada and she is a sexy sight for sore eyes. Her musical inspirations include Mariah Carey, Whitney Houston and Selena. To date, she has released two albums: Devotion in 2011 and the self-titled Mia Martina in 2014. She has received Juno Award nominations for her breakthrough singles: “Stereo Love” and “Heartbreaker” and she is a gifted songwriter too. It definitely helps to be good-looking when you’re in the public eye, and Mia has extremely beautiful and piercing eyes you can stare at forever.

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Avril Lavigne

Avril Lavigne Hot Singer

Avril Lavigne is just 30-yrs-old, but doesn’t it seem like she’s been in the music industry for what seems like forever already? She has been a pop star since she was just a teenager, and she has sold millions and millions of records around the world. She has had numerous #1 hits including “Girlfriend,” “Sk8er Boi” “Nobody’s Home” and “Complicated.” Her love life has also been a topic of major interest. She was married to Deryck Whibley of the rock group Sum 41 in 2006, but they eventually split up. In 2013, she married the lead singer Chad Kroeger of the group Nickelback. Her union with Kroeger was a decision that had a lot of onlookers scratching their heads. But hey, as long as she’s happy, we’re happy.


Lights Hot Pics

The 27-yr-old electro-pop singer Lights is another cutie Canadian singer. She operates in the musical realm of electropop, and she has released three well-received albums to date. Those albums were titled: The Listening, Siberia and Little Machines respectively. She has toured extensively throughout Canada and the U.S., and in 2009, she won the award for Best New Artist of The Year. Earlier this year, she gave birth to her first daughter, and she presently lives with her husband in Mission, British Columbia.

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