Alec Baldwin Allegedly Facing $60 Million ‘Divorce From Hell’ With Reportedly Troubled Marriage To Hilaria

Are Alec Baldwin and Hilaria Baldwin secretly struggling? One report says the two are going to get divorced in the aftermath of Halyna Hutchins death. Gossip Cop investigates.

According to Life & Style, the Baldwins are not long for this world. An insider says, “They’re living a lie — their marriage has been in trouble for a long time.” The two have faced numerous scandals, but the death of Hutchins is what sent everything over the edge.

Alec isn’t happy with Hilaria. She’s “been overbearing as she tries to ‘fix’ the situation,” a source says. Alec “has had it,” the insider concludes. “This could turn into the divorce from hell.” With six children and $60 million in the balance, there’s a lot to sort through.

If you’re at all aware of how the Baldwins are doing after the death of Hutchins, then you’ll know how supportive Hilaria has been. She’s had Alec’s back from the very beginning, and it looks like they processed the grief together. While this extreme situation could easily drive a wedge between a couple, it appears to have brought them closer together.

Life & Style knows this, so its story has a simple and insidious tactic: It’s telling its readers not to trust the Baldwins. The headline calls their marriage a “big lie.” Who do you think is more trustworthy? This tabloid or the people actually in the marriage?

This is just a lazy attempt to promote drama when there obviously isn’t any. Furthermore, this is just more tabloid exploitation at Hutchins’ expense. It’s disgusting and all too expected.

Crummy magazines like this rely on divorces for revenue, so it should come as no surprise that so many are just made up. Alec and Hilaria Baldwin are in esteemed company with George and Amal Clooney, who should have apparently split up a year ago.

Tom Brady and Gisele Bündchen never got that $600 million divorce as Life & Style promised, nor did Alec’s niece Hailey Baldwin. She and Justin Bieber are still wed despite numerous reports promising otherwise.

The Baldwins are frequently at the center of divorce rumors simply because they’re always at the center of the drama, yet they’re still together. Sooner or later you’d think tabloids would learn and move on, but as a rule, that will never happen.

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