Alex Rodriguez Allegedly Trying To Hook Up With Ben Affleck’s Ex-Girlfriend As Revenge, Anonymous Source Says

Is Alex Rodriguez trying to woo Ben Affleck‘s ex-girlfriend Lindsay Shookus? One tabloid claims Rodriguez wants revenge on Affleck for stealing Jennifer Lopez away from him. Here’s the latest gossip about the MLB legend.

This week, Star reports Alex Rodriguez has the perfect plan to get back at Ben Affleck for dating his ex-fiance, Jennifer Lopez. Apparently, the former major leaguer has secretly been hooking up with Affleck’s ex-girlfriend Lindsay Shookus. The pair first got together at Shookus’ 41st birthday party last year, and every now and then they meet up to stick it to their exes.

“Alex is still consumed with jealousy and has vowed to do anything he can to get under Ben’s skin,” an insider dishes. “If Alex could, he’d date Jennifer Garner, but she wouldn’t touch him, so he’s settled for Lindsay.” But Rodriguez isn’t the only one getting something out of the arrangement.

“It gives Lindsay some satisfaction to rub Ben’s nose in her steamy affair with A-Rod!” the tipster exclaims. This isn’t the first time we’ve seen this rumor. When Alex Rodriguez was spotted at Lindsay Shookus’ birthday party last spring, people were quick to draw the connection to Affleck.

That being said, a representative for Rodriguez was quick to explain. According to Rodriguez’s rep, he and Shookus “have been friends for 15 years. There is nothing [romantic] there at all.” Now, if both Rodriguez and Shookus were intent on rubbing their alleged “affair” in their exes’ faces, why would they so adamantly deny the rumors?

There haven’t been any sightings of the pair together since the party, so this story just doesn’t make sense. If they are dating, they’re hiding it very well. And, to reiterate, why would they hide it if their only reason for dating is to make their exes jealous? This story doesn’t hold any water.

This tabloid likely decided to breathe new life into this rumor because gossip account DeuxMoi recently shared an anonymous tip claiming the pair was “very much a thing.” We’re very familiar with DeuxMoi over here, and we know better than to take their unvetted anonymous tipsters’ testimonies as gospel. So, from what we can tell, Rodriguez and Shookus are friends and nothing more.

This isn’t the first time a tabloid has accused Rodriguez of plotting revenge on Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez. Not long ago, Woman’s Day claimed Rodriguez was trying to make Lopez jealous with “sneaky visits” to Katie Holmes’ apartment.

Then the National Enquirer alleged he planned to get back at Lopez by dating Demi Moore. And another ridiculous story from the Enquirer claimed he was telling people Lopez was bad in bed. Clearly, the only ones still obsessed with Lopez and Rodriguez’s breakup are the tabloids.

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