Barack Obama Gloating Over Joe Biden’s Collapsing Presidency, Ignoring His Calls For Help?

Is Barack Obama turning his back on Joe Biden? One tabloid’s cover story claims Obama is “refusing to rescue” Biden’s presidency. Let’s take a look at the rumor. This week’s edition of the Globe reports Barack Obama isn’t willing to help Joe Biden as he falls in the polls, and it’s all because Biden didn’t come to his 60th birthday party.

Obama’s mask-less party was branded a “super-spreader” event by many tabloids — although no cases were ever traced back to the event — and Obama reportedly resents Biden for letting that happen. And now that Biden is reaching out to Obama for his help, he isn’t going to lift a finger for his former VP.

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“The president has been blowing up Obama’s phone asking for any kind of guidance he can provide with all of the disasters on his plate,” a source dishes. “But Barack is still furious for Joe abandoning him when HE needed support.” The magazine insists Obama’s reputation took a big hit after his birthday party and left the former president feeling like Biden betrayed him.

“Barack took a beating for thumbing his nose at the government’s COVID mask mandates and hosting a $12 million party in the middle of the pandemic. Not only did Joe not show up, but he also made it known in political circles that he was furious at Barack for throwing it!” the tipster exclaims.

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Finally, a political analyst predicts Biden won’t ever see a helping hand from Obama. “It’s not likely that Barack will offer Joe a lifeline any time soon. They’re definitely at war!” Never has a birthday party caused such chaos in the tabloids. First of all, no, Joe Biden and Barack Obama don’t hate each other.

We’ve explained time and time again there was no drama over Obama’s birthday. Biden wanted to make it, but couldn’t because he was busy running the country. Instead, a White House official issued a statement on Biden’s behalf, saying, “While President Biden is unable to attend this weekend, he looks forward to catching up with former President Obama soon and properly welcoming him into the over 60 clubs.”

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Then, People reported Biden recorded a special video message for Obama and had it played at the party. Since the tabloid chose to completely ignore these facts, we doubt the story was sincere at all. According to all available evidence, Biden and Obama are on good terms.

And while we don’t doubt Obama would be willing to give Biden advice, it’s unlikely he needed it. Why would the president be desperately relying on Obama to help him sort out his crises? Biden has been a politician for most of his life, a VP for 8 years, and has a capable team backing him up.

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It just doesn’t make sense to assume calling Obama is his only method for working through a problem. We doubt Biden is “frantically” trying to contact Obama, and we definitely don’t believe Obama is icing him out.

This is far from the first story we’ve covered about Barack Obama’s 60th birthday bash. Not long ago, the Globe reported Biden was “furious” with Obama over the party. Then the outlet claimed Obama was “flaunting” pandemic rules to throw the party.

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And then the National Enquirer reported Obama had turned his back on his former allies over the party. It’s obvious these tabloids are disconnected from reality when it comes to the event.

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