Top Blake Shelton Story Of 2021: Caught In A Screaming Match With Gwen Stefani

The tabloids had plenty to say about Blake Shelton this year. Between getting married to Gwen Stefani, possible baby plans, and an uncertain future with The Voice, the media came up with some wild tales about the country singer. But after sifting through the gossip, we found our top Blake Shelton story of the year. Let’s check back in on the rumor.

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Back in February, the National Enquirer reported that a vicious argument had Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani second-thinking their future together. While the couple had recently gotten engaged, planning their wedding seemed to have soured their whole arrangement. “They’ve been fighting about everything since they got engaged.

All that tension finally exploded in a brutal screaming match!” an insider exclaimed. Apparently, Shelton had slaved away for hours to plan the perfect Oklahoma wedding on his ranch. The singer had even sunk millions of dollars into their nuptials already, but Stefani wasn’t so sure about the celebration he’d planned.

After putting in a dance floor, building a chapel, and hiring a yacht to ferry guests around the lake, Stefani suggested that they elope instead. “Blake couldn’t believe his ears!” an insider remarked. “After all the time and money that he’d spent to make sure their wedding would be absolutely perfect, Gwen acted like they’d be better off not doing it at all!” The argument that followed ended with the two calling off their engagement.

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“After a fight like that, no one is sure if they’ll ever make it to the altar!” Sources even said they were “reconsidering their romance” altogether. It was clear then that this fight was a work of fiction, and it’s only more apparent now. Despite the testimonies of the tabloid’s unnamed tipsters, there was absolutely no evidence to suggest this argument ever happened.

The couple never announced that their wedding had been delayed, and they certainly didn’t break off their engagement. Stefani even gushed about how much she was looking forward to her special day. And now, nearly a year later, we’re happy to reveal that Shelton and Stefani did indeed make it to the altar.

On July 3, Stefani and Shelton got married in an intimate ceremony on their Oklahoma ranch. We doubt the seriously scaled-back event cost them millions, and they’re certainly weren’t any photos of a yacht or freshly-constructed chapel. It’s obvious this so-called “insider” was sharing mindless gossip, and the magazine didn’t do their due diligence and fact check anything.

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But all we can say for sure is that Stefani and Shelton seem happy as ever to finally be married. This certainly wasn’t the only strange rumor we found about Blake Shelton this year, but it certainly took the cake in absurdity. Not long ago, the Globe claimed Stefani was worried about Shelton’s “blubbery appearance” and even planned to get him liposuction.

Then the National Enquirer claimed Shelton forced NBC to cancel the next season of The Voice. And most recently, OKalleged Shelton was squaring off with Stefani’s ex-husband Gavin Rossdale over their holiday plans. Clearly, there is no shortage of gossip in the tabloids about Blake Shelton.

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