Blake Lively, Ryan Reynolds faking their relationship to protect their careers: Rumor

Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds aren’t allegedly one of Hollywood’s strongest couples. According to OK! magazine, Blake Lively and Reynolds have been faking their relationship because they have an image that they need to uphold. “Blake and Ryan are generally happy. But it takes a lot of effort and sacrifice to keep their relationship on track.

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They’ve become very good at faking it and hiding things from the public. They’re actors, after all, and it helps both of their careers to portray a certain persona. Plus, they believe they should work things out between themselves behind closed doors,” the source said.

The insider also claimed that one of the issues between Lively and Reynolds has to do with the actor’s busy schedule. Reynolds allegedly feels that Lively is pressuring him to lessen his workload so that he could spend more time with his children.

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“It’s hard on her for him to be away for so long. As much as she enjoys her space, it was getting to the point where they were two ships passing in the night. Things get tense when Ryan’s filming nonstop and he’s not around to help with the kids and the house. He and Blake will bicker over chores and household stuff,” the source said.

Reynolds allegedly tried to offer a compromise to his wife by telling him that he would work mostly from Los Angeles instead of Europe. This way, he doesn’t need to be far away from his family. However, Lively couldn’t allegedly accept his offer.

The couple is also, allegedly, having issues when it comes to their baby plans. Lively and Reynolds are on the same page about expanding their family. But the actor thinks it’s best if they would adopt a baby instead of Lively conceiving their own child.

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The back and forth has allegedly taken a toll on the couple’s relationship. And it shows that their marriage is not strong after all. However, one should take the tabloid’s claims with a grain of salt. There’s no proof that Blake Lively and Reynolds are struggling in their marriage.

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