Blake Shelton Allegedly Forced NBC To Cancel Spring Season Of ‘The Voice’ To Keep Him From Quitting, Insider Says

Is Blake Shelton destroying The Voice? One report says he was personally responsible for the show canceling its spring season under threat of an exit. Gossip Cop investigates.

According to the National EnquirerThe Voice will not see a spring season in 2022 thanks to Shelton. He’s disappointing fans with his demands. “The grind didn’t give him enough time to concentrate on his career and family, and he told them he was ready to quit,” a source reveals.

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The producers of the show understand that the Voice cannot survive without Shelton. “So, after the current season wraps, the show won’t be back until next fall,” a source tattled. He’s now free to spend more time with Voice-alum Gwen Stefani. “She’s over the moon that Blake freed up a big chunk of time for his family,” an insider reveals.

It looks like the Enquirer just heard the old news that The Voice is moving to an annual format. NBC broke the news in May. The chairman of NBCUniversal said at the time: “We want to eventize this iconic series. We think The Voice will be on NBC for a very long time to come and we believe the best way to protect the brand, while also super-serving fans are to produce one amazing cycle this year.”

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The move mirrors what ABC did when it contracted Dancing with the Stars and ensures that The Voice will not overlap with American Idol during the year. Viewed in these terms, switching to an annual format makes all the sense in the world.

There’s no sign that Shelton made some demand in April to force any change. He loves The Voice and has successfully balanced his touring, the show, and his life with Stefani for years now.

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This article tries to portray Shelton, a good old boy’s reputation and all, as a conniving and selfish man who would rather see his show canceled if it meant he got a vacation.

Considering the show survived Adam Levine’s exit, it’s safe to say it could move on from Shelton as well. He’s an integral part of the show and the only original judge left, but the Ship of Theseus known as The Voice sails ever onward.

The Enquirer once reported that Shelton and Stefani were living separate lives not long before they got engaged. It then changed its story to say they were clashing over wedding plans.

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They weren’t, and the wedding went off without a hitch. They’re friends, so that was hogwash. Shelton is a fly on the giant known as NBCUniversal, and that monolith will “event” as it pleases.

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