Britney Spears Gossip: Allegedly On The Outs With Boyfriend Sam Asghari After Conservatorship Battle

Have Britney Spears and Sam Asghari hit a rough patch? One tabloid claims Spears’ family drama has thrown a wrench into their wedding plans. Here’s the latest gossip about Spears and Asghari.

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The latest edition of OK! reports Britney Spears’ conservatorship battle is taking a toll on her relationship with Sam Asghari. Apparently, the pop star and her fitness guru fiance have “hit a major rough patch,” and now they’re second-thinking their life together.

“Sam thought the drama would diminish after her conservatorship ended and they could enjoy their lives quietly,” an insider spills. But now that Spears’ younger sister, Jamie Lynn, is publishing a memoir about the conservatorship, things are anything but quiet for the couple. In her book, Jamie Lynn accuses Spears of exhibiting “erratic, paranoid, and spiraling” behavior.

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But Spears hasn’t shied away from the accusations. She’s used her social media to brand Jamie Lynn as a liar, leading to a full-blown public feud between the sisters. “To Sam, it’s beginning to look as though Britney thrives on the drama,” the tipster charges. “He’s worried it’s just going to drag on and on.”

All the while, Asghari has booked a role in an upcoming thriller alongside Mel Gibson. “He’s focusing on that to stay clearheaded,” the snitch whispers. “But when he’s MIA, Britney gets nervous and clingy.” But no matter how Spears’ family drama plays out, sources say she and Asghari have a lot to work on in their relationship.

“If Sam doesn’t start communicating his needs, the wedding could be in danger,” the insider warns. “There are two people in this relationship — and he should be able to express himself freely.” This report seems unlikely for a few reasons.

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First of all, the magazine fails to recognize that Britney Spears and Sam Asghari have been together for over five years now. Asghari has been with Spears through some of her hardest times, including her legal battle to remove her father from her conservatorship. The “Toxic” singer’s life has been on a major upswing over the last few months, and she now has personal and financial freedom for the first time in 13 years.

It just doesn’t make sense that Asghari would suddenly have had enough of the Spears family’s “drama” now that Spears is free. Besides, it’s clear from just a cursory glance at the couple’s respective Instagram profiles that they’re more in love than ever. Just a couple of weeks ago, Asghari posted a photo with Spears captioned “The world is our baby.”

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And even more recently, Spears shared a sweet collection of photos of her and Asghari from her birthday trip to Hawaii. We know better than to trust anything OK! says about Britney Spears. Back in July, a full month before Asghari actually proposed, the tabloid claimed he and Spears secretly got married in Hawaii. Then the magazine reported Spears and Asghari were planning to do a Sussex-style tell-all interview. Obviously, OK! doesn’t have any real insights into Spears’ personal life.

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