’95-Pound’ Celine Dion Facing Health Crisis, Planning Own Funeral?

Is Celine Dion planning her own funeral? One report says she’s emaciated and friends are fearing the worst. Gossip Cop investigates.

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According to the National Enquirer, Dion is hard at work planning her own funeral. She was recently forced to cancel her Las Vegas residency due to severe muscle spasms, and one doctor thinks that could be a sign of multiple sclerosis. Dion is down to just 95 pounds on a bad diet.

One doctor says, “She seems to have extreme difficulty swallowing, which is caused by nerve damage. The weight loss could be the result of nerve damage.” Difficulty swallowing can be caused by an autoimmune disorder like MS.

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An insider explains, “Celine’s drastic weight loss has been a source of concern. She’s been working herself to the bone for months, rehearsing for her return to the stage, but her body couldn’t take it.”

Dion is still mourning the loss of her husband, René Angélil. “She’s totally exhausted, mentally drained, and anxiety-ridden. She’s talking like she fears the end is near,” a source says.

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If she’s not rehearsing, then she’s at her husband’s gravesite in Montreal. An insider concludes that she wants to be buried in a plot beside him: “She knows exactly what she wants for her funeral.”

There’s just no way to win this demented tabloid game. If a celebrity is too thin, then they must be dying. If another star is too pudgy, then they must also be dying. Reach a certain age? Well, then you’re dying too.

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Heaven forbid someone has an accident or a health issue, for then tabloids will inevitably profit off their suffering too. Even when the subject is in perfectly good health, tabloids will still predict their demise.

All of this is to say there’s no reason you should trust this report. The doctor quoted has never treated Dion, so how in blazes could he know how efficiently she consumes food? It’s baseless speculation caused by Dion’s residency cancellation.

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It’s true that a health setback forced her to call that off, but she’s still planning on going on tour in 2022. It’s a temporary setback, but not a sign of death. Bringing Dion’s dead husband into this story is just reprehensible.


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A muscle spasm has nothing to do with his demise, and bringing him up in such a trashy story is disrespectful. Dion’s always been skinny. Just look at this music video from 22 years ago. It’s her natural figure and not a sign of alarm.

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The Enquirer constantly attacks Dion’s weight. In April, it called her a walking skeleton. It attacked her body in 2018 with a bogus story about plastic surgery. Just a few months ago, this tabloid promised Dion would be repealed in Vegas by ABBA, but no such replacement has happened. It has no idea what it’s talking about.

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