Prince Charles Allegedly Told Queen Elizabeth That He No Longer Wants To Be King, Sketchy Source Says

Does Prince Charles even want to be king at this point? One report says the longest heir apparent has told Queen Elizabeth that he does not want to rule. Gossip Cop investigates.

In a Woman’s Day cover story, Charles is sprinting away from his birthright. Despite decades of planning, he’s informed his mother that he would like the crown to go to his son Prince William.

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An insider reports, “Having Ma’am in hospital triggers all kinds of the protocol in the event of her passing — and Charles was affected by it.” He’s decided he would like to be a climate activist instead of a ruler.

Charles confided his insecurities to Elizabeth, and it’s not the first time. “She’s ways had little time for emotional delays and the older she gets the more that’s apparent,” a source says. Elizabeth fears for her son, but a source concludes, “Duty always comes first and the queen is more aware than anyone that she has no time to waste.”

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The cover of this rag tries to convince you Prince Charles is formally resigning from the royal family, but the story itself backtracks. Instead, he just had a conversation with Elizabeth expressing reservations.

This is hardly the same story, so this can be disregarded as a bait-and-switch. Elizabeth isn’t even taking visitors right now, so the conversation in question couldn’t even happen. Charles is obviously still in line for the throne.

Frankly, he has very little say in the matter. The line of succession is set in stone by Parliament, and so he’ll be king whether he likes it or not. There’s nothing stopping him from abdicating once he becomes king, but that’s rather unlikely.

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Woman’s Day loves promoting bogus stories about the line of succession. This is hardly the first time it promised a major shift. Last December, it claimed Charles was kicked out of the palace over The Crown. Yeah, that never happened.

Back in April, this tabloid actually claimed Charles was crowned King of England. It looks like the tabloid can’t even keep track of its own continuity. Charles is not currently the king, but he will be someday.

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Stories of him going into hiding or kidnapping his grandchildren are greatly exaggerated as well. It’s painfully obvious that this tabloid has no idea what it’s talking about and just wants to stoke royal drama for money.

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