Prince Charles, Prince William Allegedly Too Scared Of Prince Harry To Strip Him Of His Titles, Royal Rumor Says

Is Prince Charles worried about what Prince Harry may do next? One report says he and Prince William are allowing the Duke of Sussex to keep his titles out of fear.

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According to Woman’s Day, even senior officials are perplexed over why Harry and Meghan Markle still retain titles. The pair used their names for political means and exposed the royal family to Oprah Winfrey. It seems like no matter what they do or say, the two will not be stripped of their valuable titles.

An inside exclusively says that Charles, Queen Elizabeth, William, and Kate Middleton are “reluctant to take such drastic action because they don’t want to provoke the Sussexes even more.” The world is watching the relationship between the royals and the Sussexes very closely, and everyone is worried about what Harry may say next.

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Should Harry lose his titles, a source says he’s got files “inches thick” full of dirt. An insider explains that there are plenty of scandalous emails just waiting to get out: “If those messages were leaked, whether by Harry in his memoir, or a disgruntled staffer, it would be even worse for the royals.” The palace hopes that the titles will appease Harry and Markle.

Just a few weeks ago, Woman’s Day claimed Queen Elizabeth was ordering her eldest son to take the titles away. Now, suddenly, she thinks Harry and Markle should keep them so they’ll stay silent? These two stories are completely opposite to one another, so it’s clear that this tabloid has no idea what it’s talking about.

As this outlet even admits, Harry and Markle have already spoken up about their lives behind palace walls. Getting to keep their titles, which is incidentally a complicated birthright, did not stop them from talking to Winfrey or writing a memoir. Why would it suddenly soften a PR blow now?

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Markle and Harry spoke up about mental health because leading a meaningful life is what they desire. “Megxit” was never about clout or bad-mouthing the royal family: It was more about living free of the royal shackles and according to their desires. Bogus stories like these promote drama and ignore reality.

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