Ellen DeGeneres opening a vegan restaurant after ‘Ellen Show’ gets canceled?

Ellen DeGeneres is, allegedly, eyeing her next business venture after her long-running talk show, Ellen Show goes off the air next year.

According to National Enquirer, Ellen DeGeneres and her wife, Portia de Rossi are planning to open a vegan restaurant.

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“Ellen has been straight-up scared of the restaurant space for years. She loves being waited on, not serving people.

But the big change coming in her life as she exits her talk show has opened up a window and made her realize she could make a tidy profit selling ultra-healthy, chef-prepared vegan and raw meals,” the source said.

DeGeneres is, allegedly, ready to take on new challenges especially after she had a difficult past two years.

The comedian was previously accused of being a bully and a mean girl. And even though she’s no longer making headlines because of this, DeGeneres’ behavior still hasn’t changed.

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At home in Santa Barbara, DeGeneres’ neighbors are also urging her to step up so that they could revive their neighborhood.

“The city of Santa Barbara has been urging them to step up and throw their hat into the ring to help the downtown revival,” the source said.

According to the source, DeGeneres will continue to pursue her real estate business. But she needs more options to generate income.

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“The real estate options in Santa Barbara have never been better, and the added incentive is the chance to design a restaurant space from the ground up and show off Portia’s amazing talent in that area,” the source said.

As of late, DeGeneres has not expressed any desire to open a restaurant with the help of her wife. So, it’s unclear where these claims are coming from.

It’s not also true that DeGeneres needs to figure out more ways how she could generate income after her talk show because the comedian is already set for life.

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Other than hosting her talk show, DeGeneres also has other sources of income. So, she doesn’t necessarily need to open a restaurant to generate more profit.

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