Prince Harry ‘bins’ Royal Family ‘PDA rules’ in showing affection to Meghan Markle

Harry, 37, and Meghan, 40, visited New York City in September for a packed schedule of public engagements. The Duke and Duchess of Sussex were pictured holding hands and putting their arms around one other’s shoulders during the visit.

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The trip was their first major public outing since Meghan gave birth to the couple’s second child, Lilibet Diana, in June. The Sussexes visited the 9/11 memorial, and Meghan read from her book, ‘The Bench’ at a local school.

The pair also attended the Global Citizen Live concert, where they called for the more equitable distribution of COVID-19 vaccine doses across the world. The couple’s close interactions during the tour were typical of their “genuine” relationship, according to US-based body language expert Blanca Cobb.

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She told that Harry’s tactile interactions with Meghan don’t adhere to the Royal Family’s “rules” for showing affection in public. She said: “Even though he’s royalty, as we know, he bins those rules when it comes to PDA [public displays of affection].”

While there is not an official code of conduct for PDA between royals, etiquette dictates that couples adapt their behavior to the formality of the occasion. Ms. Cobb said: “Sometimes with the Royal Family, it’s more appropriate not to show so much public affection.

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“But Harry bends the rules a little bit, where he’s going to hold hands and he’s going to get physically closer and stand closer to Meghan. “They’ll touch each other’s backs in support. They touch each other’s hands. It’s very nice to see you. So, I just think his love triumphs overall.”

This week, Harry will return to New York City ahead of Remembrance Day this week to honor servicemen and women as he hands out medals to five military veterans. The Duke of Sussex will attend the Salute to Freedom gala on November 10 at a museum centered around the former aircraft carrier, USS Intrepid.

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Prince Harry is himself a veteran, having served in the British armed forces for 10 years and completed two tours of Afghanistan. His latest trip to New York City follows the Queen’s confirmation in February of this year that her grandson would lose his military titles.

The dramatic announcement came nearly a year after the couple officially stepped down as senior royals and moved to the US. The military titles Harry lost included: Captain-General of the Royal Marines, Honorary Air Commandant of RAF Honington and Commodore-in-Chief, Small Ships, and Diving.

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Harry and Meghan opened up about their departure from the Royal Family earlier this year in their bombshell interview with Oprah Winfrey. Ms. Cobb claimed that the couple’s body language has consistently shown they are supportive of one another from the time of their engagement all the way through to the Oprah interview.

She said: “From their engagement to the Oprah interview, what has been consistent is how much they support each other and how affectionate they are with each other. “And we see this in their body language, how they’re holding hands, how they continually look at each other when the other is talking.”

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She added: “It’s a genuine, beautiful love that they share. And it truly is them against the world. That comes across in their body language. “I believe that they’re vulnerable with each other, which is fabulous.

“I think they have a really strong, healthy relationship. That’s my opinion. “Even from their Christmas cards to everything that I’ve analyzed with them, they’re really a solid couple and they just have a genuine loving relationship, and it is really nice to see.”

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