Prince Harry branded ‘out of touch’ for supporting those who quit their jobs

Prince Harry praised those who had the courage to quit their jobs, but many found it offensive because not everyone felt they had a choice when it came to leaving their work. Prince Harry spoke with  Fast Company magazine about how the COVID-19 pandemic accelerated burnout and job resignations.

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The Duke of Sussex seemed to encourage the people to quit their jobs if they are unhappy with it, saying it’s worth “celebrating” because it’s prioritizing one’s mental health. However, not everyone agreed.

Royal commentator Angela Levin reacted to Prince Harry’s statement. He slammed the duke because, unlike him, not everyone has millions in their bank account.

“Harry is utterly out of touch. Not everyone has £30million tucked away in the bank,” she said, per The Sun. “I wonder if he’d give the same advice to people whose mental health is made worse by their marriage. Be quiet H please.”

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Paul Smith, 35, a bricklayer from London, shared the same opinion. He felt that it was convenient for Prince Harry to speak about quitting jobs because he has millions to fall back on.

“For the rest of us who have families to support, it’s just not possible. We’re all fighting to pay bills, the mortgage, and all the other stuff,” he explained. “He’s talking utter nonsense.”

Meanwhile, former soldier Sabirah Lohn didn’t agree with Prince Harry. She encouraged the others who were unhappy with their jobs to talk to a professional. She also called the royal a “dimwitted prince.”

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She also warned them that leaving their jobs without any backup plans and income would only worsen their mental health.

Meanwhile, several netizens also supported Prince Harry. According to them, he didn’t urge the unhappy people to resign. Meghan Markle’s husband only supported those who did and prioritized their mental health.

One said, he “totally agree” with Prince Harry that it’s best to walk away from a toxic environment. The netizen even pointed out monarchy as an example.

Several others argued with Prince Harry’s critics saying he didn’t advocate for people to quit their jobs. He was not telling people what to do. Instead, he was only supporting those who decided to leave their unhealthy jobs to focus on their mental health.

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Prince Harry also mentioned in the same interview that acknowledging that you are unhappy with your job is a sign of self-awareness, which comes with the need for change.

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