Prince Harry, Meghan Markle Slammed For Allegedly Being ‘Neighbors From Hell,’ Dubious Source Claims

Are Meghan Markle and Prince Harry welcome presence in Montecito? One report calls them “neighbors from hell” that are driving other folks out of the state. Gossip Cop investigates.

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According to the Globe, Harry and Markle’s rich neighbors are furiously selling their mansions to get away from the royals. Experts insist property values are going down in the Sunshine State, with neighbors like billionaire Peter Sperling and Parks and Recreation’s Rob Lowe both selling their mansions since the couple moved into town.

“You’d think property values would skyrocket when royalty moves in, with people eager to buy in and brag they’re living next to a duke and duchess,” an insider says, “but the opposite seems true.”

The eager moves are a black mark for the Sussexes. “It shows that instead of being viewed as classy, they’re looking like they’re tacky,” a source explains. An insider concludes, “Even wealthy people — who normally fawn and gush over royalty — apparently can’t wait to move out of their neighborhood.”

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This story reeks of desperation and obsession. The tabloid really decided to study where Meghan Markle and Prince Harry live so it could track who’s moving out. Guess what: If someone’s moving out, then somebody else is moving in.

Selling million-dollar homes can take years and has very little to do with who lives in the gated mansion next door. Contrary to what this so-called source says, Markle and Harry seldom flaunt their wealth.

Unlike the Kardashians or Queen Elizabeth, wealth and expensive things aren’t a part of their brand. They don’t have social media posts priming anything tacky because they don’t even have social media. The two understandably keep their private life private, so it doesn’t make sense that this would affect local property values.

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Furthermore, Montecito is a big place. The story says “three megabucks homes” have sold since the couple moved in. Is that a lot? Three houses in two years sound either low or exactly what you could reasonably expect. If people were flocking out of town, then that number would be much, much higher.

Last year, Star claimed Harry and Markle were “neighbors from hell,” yet they seem to have a lot of famous friends. Life & Style ran a whole cover story on the concept, attacking Harry and Markle for allegedly not picking up after their dogs. This narrative is exhausted.

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As for the Globe, it once accused Markle of staging her miscarriage for publicity. In a trashy world, it’s one of the absolute worst. You shouldn’t believe a word it prints, for it’s fueled on profits and hatred instead of the news.

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