Prince Harry, Meghan Markle Allegedly Had ‘Worst Fight Ever,’ Unreliable Report Said

Did Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have their “worst fight ever”? Around this time last year, one tabloid claimed the Duke and Duchess of Sussex had the argument to end all arguments. Let’s check back in on the rumor.

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Twelve months ago, Woman’s Day reported Prince Harry and Meghan Markle had a huge fight, and it may have spelled the end for their relationship. Apparently, Harry was furious to find out Markle had fed information to the authors of Finding Freedom, an unauthorized biography of the Sussex.

And that wasn’t all. Markle also recorded a video encouraging people to vote for Joe Biden, but the magazine explained that “involving herself in an election is the ultimate royal etiquette no-no.” But worst of all, Markle pressured Harry into signing their multimillion-dollar deal with Netflix.

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According to the source, it “was Meghan’s idea — Harry went along with it because he figured as an actress, she knew best.” The tipster added, “I imagine they’ve had blazing rows over it all” since Netflix produces The Crown, a show that dramatized “the failure of Prince Charles and the late Princess Diana’s marriage.”

And finally, the magazine suggested Harry was blaming Markle for all the bad press they’d received since moving to the States. While the story seemed unlikely to last year when it was published, it now seems downright outlandish.

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Couples are allowed to fight from time to time, but it’s painfully obvious this row never happened. First of all, anyone close enough to the Sussexes to know the minute details of their arguments must be worthy of their absolute trust. And we seriously doubt someone like that is running to an Australian tabloid to dish their dirt.

Furthermore, we seriously doubt Harry took any issue with Markle’s actions. Firstly, Markle spoke to friends who were given the grace to speak to the authors of Finding Freedom. While that may seem like an inconsequential difference, it’s important to note that Markle didn’t give the authors any direct information — that’s a crucial distinction in journalism.

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As for Markle’s political stance, she’s an American citizen and former royal. She has every right to discuss American elections, and the royal family has no say in that whatsoever now. Finally, if this fight was as major as the tabloid made it out to be, why did no reputable source report on it? An entire year has passed, and not a single credible report emerged to back it up. In fact, Markle and Harry seem to be doing great.

In the time since this report went to print, they welcomed their second child to the world. They also graced the cover of Time 100 as two of their most influential people. We’re confident in saying that there was never any truth to this report.

In the time since this article was published, Woman’s Day hasn’t redeemed itself. The tabloid claimed Markle was feuding with her neighbor, Katy Perry. Then the magazine alleged Markle was begging the queen to let her visit the UK.

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And more recently, the outlet alleged Markle flew into a jealous rage related to Kate Middleton. Obviously, Woman’s Day can’t be trusted when it comes to the Duchess of Sussex.

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