Prince Harry, Meghan’s supporters defend him after royal biographer calls him out

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s followers and supporters have continued to support them despite the backlash they have been receiving.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have been residing in the U.S.A. following their royal exit. Just recently, a royal biographer seemingly called out the duke after Prince Charles publicly supported Prince William’s Earthshot Prize ceremony.

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Royal biographer Angela Levine, author of Harry: A Biographer of a Prince, is obviously not a fan of the Duke of Sussex recently. Levine took to Twitter and shared Royal Nikkhah’s tweet which featured how Prince William and Prince Charles are working together.

The Prince of Wales said he was very proud of his eldest son for his bold ambition of the Earth shot Prize. The Duke of Cambridge announced earlier that he was planning to bring the finalists to the U.N. Climate Change Conference (COP26) in Glasgow. The event is scheduled from Oct. 31 to Nov. 12.

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The second in line to the throne wants the finalists to serve as the living proof that ambitious solutions to repair Earth are available. Each year, five winners will receive £1,000,000 for their dedication to repairing the planet. When Levin re-tweeted Nikkhah’s post, she added a caption calling out the Duke of Sussex

“Royal father and son working towards the same goals are very moving in what has been a very difficult year.  I hope one day Harry will feel ashamed of himself,” she wrote. Levin’s message didn’t sit well with Harry and Meghan Markle’s fans.

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Several netizens both Sussex supporters and critics appreciate Prince William’s work for the environment. However, some of them were not happy that Levin still dragged Prince Harry in her post.

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One said Prince William made a “great work” and urged Levine to stop mentioning Prince Harry for added drama because he has nothing to do with Earthshot Prize.

“Shaming Harry without empathizing with his real issues is just mean,” another commented.

Another netizen said he couldn’t understand how Levine and others would say Prince Harry and Markle are irrelevant but kept on mentioning them when it’s time for the other royals to shine.

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The netizens urged Levine to stop mentioning the Sussexes if they hate her so much.  

A different user questioned Levine for constantly criticizing Prince Harry and Markle for living their lives the way they do.  “For heaven’s sake stop slagging them off unnecessarily,” the netizen added.

Meanwhile, Prince William announced he would be taking Earthshot Prize to the U.S.A. next year. The announcement sparked yet another speculation, that he is rivaling the Sussexes.

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