Prince Harry Relishing His ‘New Life Without Meghan Markle’?

Is Prince Harry loving life without his wife, Meghan Markle? One tabloid claims Harry is enjoying his freedom and finally living life to its fullest. After investigating the rumor, here’s what we found.

This week, WHO reports Prince Harry and Meghan Markle aren’t as “joined at the hip” as they once were. According to the report, Harry is getting his “first taste of freedom” since moving to LA, and loving it.

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Harry traveled to Colorado for a charity polo match last month, leaving Markle at home to care for their children. An insider told the Heat, “Harry had such a blast in Colorado, it felt liberating and so enjoyable to be out socializing again.”

The outlet notes that while Harry once remarked that royal life was like living in a “fishbowl,” he found the spotlight a bit less harsh when he went out without Markle. “There is less awkwardness around him and he has a far more jovial, easygoing nature as opposed to giving out this vibe that the world is on his shoulders,” the source dishes.

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The insider then reveals that this might mark a new beginning for Harry. “He’s making his own plans both socially and professionally and telling Meghan it’s his prerogative to enjoy some space and his new surroundings,” the tipster explains.

But things at home aren’t turning sour over Harry’s absence. The insider claims Markle doesn’t mind one bit and is happy for the alone time with the kids. The magazine remarks that Markle’s new animated children’s show, Pearl, as well as her love of writing poetry is plenty to keep her busy while Harry is away.

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So, what exactly is the story here? Prince Harry had a good time at a polo match? This report is an odd way to frame Markle and Harry’s relationship. While it’s true Harry wasn’t often spotted out without his wife in the past, that isn’t because he was lacking “freedom.”

Shortly after they settled into their California living quarters, the COVID-19 pandemic swept the country. Harry wasn’t seen in public often because there wasn’t anywhere for him to be. Now that things are opening back up, it only makes sense that the public will see more of Harry.

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But the implication here is that Markle was somehow restricting Harry’s freedom and making his time out tense. While that’s a common narrative for the tabloids, there just isn’t any proof for it. The Sussexes appeared happier than ever in their portraits for Time‘s “World’s Most Influential People” edition.

Besides, one polo match hardly equals a “new life without Markle” as the magazine claims. It’s obvious there was no real story here, and the outlet was just trying to use the public fascination with the Sussexes to sell some magazines.

The tabloids are constantly painting Markle as a villainess that completely controls her husband. Just last month, Woman’s Day claimed Markle was ordering Harry to end his friendship with Orlando Bloom.

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Then the National Enquirer claimed Markle was controlling Harry’s finances to keep him from leaving her. And more recently, New Idea reported Markle was furious with Harry for posing with a “sporty brunette” at a polo match. Obviously, the tabloids can’t be trusted to report accurately on the couple.

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