Prince Harry In ‘Tailspin Of Anxiety’ Over Queen Elizabeth Health Scare?

After royal insiders announced Queen Elizabeth had spent a couple of nights in the hospital last week, several people grew concerned about her health. According to one tabloid, Prince Harry is amongst those that are the most worried about the Queen’s health. Gossip Cop investigates to see if this narrative is, in fact, true.

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According to Woman’s Day, Prince Harry was sent into a “tailspin of anxiety” after hearing the news about Queen Elizabeth is in the hospital. The tabloid notes Prince Harry has kept his phone close by to ensure he doesn’t miss any important calls.

“Harry, like Prince William, was quite shocked at the thought of the queen being in the hospital,” an insider says. Apparently, Prince Harry has been “anxiously awaiting word on whether he should jump on a plane home and go and see her.”

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However, the insider says Prince Harry’s been assured his grandmother is okay and “recovering well” so far. “Royal aides won’t be wanting him around the palace raising anyone’s stress levels,” the source notes.

According to the outlet, Prince Harry is so anxious because he’s “never forgiven himself” for missing the call saying his grandfather, Prince Philip, passed away. Now, with his grandmother’s health sparking concern, “Harry is keen for nothing like that to ever happen again.”

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Yes, Prince Harry is (obviously) worried about his grandmother and concerned for her health. What grandson wouldn’t be? However, a “tailspin of anxiety” is certainly an over-exaggeration. Sources from the palace recently announced Queen Elizabeth is back to work and recovering well.

Also, this tabloid doesn’t have the most accurate history of covering the royal family. For example, a couple of years ago, the tabloid alleged Queen Elizabeth was handing over the throne to Kate Middleton instead of Prince Charles.

Debunking this story was almost too easy. Queen Elizabeth can’t pick and choose the next in line despite who she wants to rule the country after her. If a tabloid can’t even grasp the basic rules of royal succession, it shouldn’t be listened to.

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