Justin Bieber’s Shocking Baby Announcement

Justin Bieber just released his new documentary, ‘Our World,’ on Friday and while the film shared a number of juicy tidbits about the singer’s life, one of the most noteworthy was an update on whether or not he and his wife, Hailey Baldwin Bieber, had begun trying for a child yet.

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Bieber has been vocal about his desire to start a family for years, and it seems that the dream might become a reality in the near future after watching the new doc.


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Speculation has run rampant for years that the young couple is working towards starting a family, and Bieber all but admitted it was a possibility in a conversation with his wife that was filmed for the documentary which aired on Amazon Prime.

As the pair discussed his hopes for the upcoming year, Bieber said, “To continue to set goals and have fun doing them, make sure I put family first.”

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Bieber then added, “And hopefully we will squish out a nugget. At the end of 2021 how about, we start trying?” Baldwin Bieber could be seen grinning at his comments, evidently on board with the plan.

Earlier this year a source revealed to Entertainment Tonight that the model is not quite ready to have children and wants to focus on her career for a little longer, saying, “Hailey is super focused on her career right now and isn’t in a rush to have kids.

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Of course, they have talked about their future and building a family together someday, but both of them are busy with work right now and Hailey really wants to build up her YouTube channel.”

Following the 2021 Met Gala, fans also became convinced that Baldwin Bieber was pregnant when the singer posed with his hands over her flat stomach. However, reps for the couple have shut down the rumors, confirming that it was simply a pose and not an indication of pregnancy.

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The couple got married back in 2018 and have seemingly settled well into married life. In fact, the singer just released a new song titled ‘Hailey’ dedicated to his wife in a sweet show of public affection. Perhaps a little Bieber could be on the way sooner than we thought!

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