Kanye West Bragging That Kim Kardashian ‘Doesn’t Have The Guts’ To Go Through With $1 Billion Divorce?

Is Kanye West bragging that his estranged wife, Kim Kardashian, doesn’t have the guts to actually follow through with the divorce? According to one tabloid, the rapper thinks he can get Kardashian back in time to prevent their divorce from finalizing. Gossip Cop is investigating the story.

According to a recent article by the Globe, Kim Kardashian faces an internal struggle over what to do about her relationship with Kanye West. The outlet quoted an insider close to the couple who says, “Kim’s torn between raising their kids in a broken home” or trying to make things work with West.

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However, the source adds, “There’s little to zero physical attraction between them anymore.” Apparently, West “still has a way of manipulating and mesmerizing Kim,” which may convince her to try and make things work. Kardashian’s friends and family couldn’t be more against the idea.

The same insider reveals that the reality star’s pals “think she’s crazy to even contemplate” rekindling her relationship with West. The magazine describes West as feeling “smug” in his knowledge that he and Kardashian will “be bound together for life” because of their four children.

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It’s no secret that things between West and Kardashian are very messy. However, this narrative by the Globe is hard to believe. Right now, Kardashian is probably more concerned with her son’s health, as he just broke his arm, than Kanye West’s hypnotism or whatever the story is here.

Also, how likely does it seem that Kardashian would try and make things work in a fake marriage? Why would she suddenly think that they should ignore their problems after filing for divorce? Overall, things are very up in the air right now when it comes to West and Kardashian.

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No one truly knows what’s going on. But until either West or Kardashian make a public statement, West and Kardashian are always watched closely by the media, leading to some truly outrageous stories. For example, Woman’s Day claimed Kardashian was using West’s history of mental illness to obtain full custody of their kids amid the divorce.

The rep stated that West’s mental health issues would play no role in a custody battle, which proved true. In 2019, the National Enquirer reported West had disowned his two youngest kids because they were born via surrogate and “against God’s will.” Apparently, the rapper found the process unnatural and against his Christian beliefs, a source leaked.

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However, there was no proof West was holding any sort of grudge against his own children. The magazine simply wanted to use West’s well-known love for his faith to create a false story about his family. The tabloids will go to any low for a scoop on the rapper.

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