Katy Perry, Orlando Bloom trying for baby number 2: Rumor

Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom are, allegedly, trying to have another baby. According to Woman’s Day, Katy Perry and Bloom didn’t expect to have so much fun following their daughter Daisy’s arrival.

So, the couple is now thinking about expanding their family. “Daisy has brought them too much joy and changed their world in ways they didn’t think possible.

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There’s a lot of love in their hearts and their lives in general. And they’d both love to give her a little brother or sister,” the source said.

By the looks of it, the tabloid just took Perry’s previous statement out of context.

Last month, the American Idol judge gushed over being a first-time parent to her daughter.

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“I get why people have been doing it for eons and keep on doing it multiple times. It’s a hit,” she said.

However, nowhere in her statement did Perry say that she and Bloom are trying for baby number two.

Meanwhile, there are also some ongoing speculations suggesting that Perry is already pregnant with her second child.

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In June, WHO claimed that the singer could be expecting again.

“Even though Katy is back to being busy with work and American Idol, she has mentioned that motherhood has made her think about having more children one day,” the tabloid claimed.

But if Perry was already pregnant in June, then her baby bump would’ve already been very obvious by now.

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However, Perry’s recent photos while promoting American Idol proved that she’s not expecting.

In fact, the “Daisies” singer looks as slender as ever in the snaps that she posted on Instagram.

It’s unclear why tabloids are insisting that Perry is pregnant or that she’s trying for another child. If she is, the singer would not shy away from sharing this important milestone with her fans.

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For now, Perry and Bloom seem contented with having just one child.

It is also important to note that Bloom also has a son with his ex-wife, Miranda Kerr. And the young boy seems to be very close with Katy Perry.

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