Kim Kardashian Gossip: Allegedly Calling Out Kanye West For Being ‘Bad In Bed’ After Her Flings With Pete Davidson

Is Kim Kardashian bragging about her Love life with Pete Davidson after a years-long dry spell with Kanye West? One tabloid claims the comedian has been showing his reality-star girlfriend what she’s been missing. Here’s the latest gossip about Kardashian and Davidson’s whirlwind romance.

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A recent edition of the National Enquirer reports Kim Kardashian is getting her groove back. After filing for divorce from Kanye West in February, Kardashian is back on the dating scene. After hosting SNL for her very first time back in October, she made headlines once again for getting cozy with comedian Pete Davidson.

“It’s only dawning on Kim now — as she’s having these incredible hookups with Pete — just how lousy Kanye was in that department,” an insider dishes to the tabloid. “On one hand, she’s thrilled to have this guy rocking her world and making her feel so special. But she’s also furious with herself for wasting so many years of her life with a total dud.

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Kim is saying she’s coming out of a trance, and she feels physically sick at the memory of Kanye and his flabby bod!” In fact, the source reveals that Kardashian and West went two years without any action in the bedroom. “Kim’s self-esteem was rock bottom at the end of things with Kanye because he ignored her for years,” the tipster explains.

Apparently, Kardashian and West were suffering from a lack of intimacy overall towards the end of their marriage. “There was zero intimacy between them for so long. They even slept in separate bedrooms, so she’s desperate for attention and affection. That’s why it’s been so great with Pete. She’s all about having fun and enjoying herself with no expectations — and Pete is perfect for that,” the source concludes.

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Pete Davidson Shows Kim Kardashian ‘What She’s Been Missing?

While we don’t doubt Kim Kardashian is enjoying her time with Pete Davidson, we doubt there’s any sincerity to these intrusive details about Kardashian’s love life. If this alleged “insider” truly is close enough to Kardashian to know such personal details about her, they must be an extremely trusted individual. We seriously doubt this person would then blab about Kardashian to the tabloids, especially about such an intimate subject.

As for Kardashian’s relationship with Davidson, it looks like they are taking things slow and just enjoying each other’s company. A source recently told People, “She’s really happy and in a great place again and it took a while to get there. She wants to go out and have fun and she finally feels light and free.”

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She recently filed a request to be legally single and has maintained that she wants to go through with her divorce from Kanye West. Given her insistence that she’s doing this for her family, this tabloid’s sensational details about her love life are just offensive to her and everyone involved.

The Tabloid On Kim Kardashian

The National Enquirer has been far from reliable when it’s come to Kim Kardashian in the past. In 2020, the tabloid claimed West had secret tapes of Kardashian that he intended to release if she ever filed for divorce.

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Then the outlet reported Kardashian was “fed-up” with West and “hell-bent” on divorcing him. And most recently, the magazine alleged Kris Jenner had urged Kardashian to call off the divorce because she didn’t want to lose West’s money. Obviously, the Enquirer isn’t trustworthy when it comes to Kardashian and West’s relationship.

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