Kim Kardashian Helps Solve international Graverobbing Scandal

Never let it be said that Kim Kardashian hasn’t used her immense fame and clout for good. The reality star has helped solve an Egyptian crypt-robbing scandal simply by attending the Met Gala.

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The 2018 Met Gala’s theme was “Heavenly Bodies.” Kardashian wore a gold Versace dress with crosses stitched into it. It was only natural for her to pose beside a gold Egyptian coffin. As a photo was snapped, there’s no way Kardashian could have known that she was actively solving a mystery.

The coffin of Nedjemankh that Kardashian posed beside was actually in the midst of a longrunning criminal investigation. The photograph helped Manhattan investigators trace the origins of the coffin, and it helped prove the Met was dupped out of $4 million through the use of fake documents.

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The coffin was originally exhumed illegally from the al-Minya region of Egypt in 2011. Looters dug up the tomb and sent it to an antiquities dealer in the United Arab Emirates. He mislabeled the artifact as Greco-Roman in a bid to cover up its true origins.

Under false pretenses, it was sent to Germany for restoration. The Germans believed the coffin had been legally exported in 1971. The chain of false identification continued until a French antiquities dealer contacted the Met.

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It was sold to the museum for $4 million without the original looters ever actually getting paid. Once the museum learned about the coffin’s true origins, it was sent back to Egypt. The Met is actively trying to recoup their losses, and are reviewing their acquisitions process.

The photograph of Kardashian beside the coffin made its way to the Middle East. The photo was proof that dealers had profited off the excavation, and it upset the looters because they were never paid. It caused one to become an anonymous informant and cooperate with a Manhattan DA.

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Had Kardashian not posed with the coffin, then the thieves may have never known about its final destination. Who Knows! Kardashian has not commented on the part she played in this crime story. She’s busy ironing out the details of her divorce.

Earlier this week, she bought her home from Kanye West for $23 Million, so nearly six coffins of Nedjemankh. Only time will tell if her 2020 all-black Met ensemble will help solve any other international crimes.

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This whole story serves as a healthy reminder that if you’re going to hire a crew to illegally pillage ancient artifacts, it’s best to pay them before Kardashian strikes a pose with the loot.

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