Meghan Markle Allegedly Having ‘Public Meltdown’ After Latest Legal Hiccup, Unverified Insider Claims

Is Meghan Markle melting down in public? One report studies court documents to prove Markle is having a hard time. Gossip Cop investigates.

According to New idea, Markle is proud in public but is privately suffering. The Suits star is still reeling over criticism about using her titles for political gain. Critics are blasting her for using the title “Duchess of Sussex” in her fight for paid paternity leave.

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She’s spiraling in rage over the ordeal but doesn’t see why she needs to change anything. Markle’s also hurt by the release of court documents proving she knew about Finding Freedom before it came out.

She gave her former secretary permission to speak to the authors of the book but denied remembering any exchange. She said she simply forgot about the emails, “I had absolutely no wish or intention to mislead… the court.”

This story can’t decide what it wants to attack Markle over. It brings up her disgraceful father Thomas MarkleFinding Freedom legal documents, and the conservative lightning rod of her title.

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Since it tries to do so much, there’s really no narrative insight. It’s more of a grocery list of hatred than an actual story. For what it’s worth, Markle is free to use her title as she wants because it’s hers. Think of it as “doctor” or “esquire;” it’s literally hers to use as she pleases.

For now, she’s just a private citizen using her platform for something a majority of Americans want. As for the legal hiccup, it sounds more like a memory lapse than a major breakthrough.

New Idea relies on bait-and-switch stories to tell magazines. The title of this story, in huge letters, says “Meghan’s Public Meltdown!” The story itself immediately backtracks, saying all the strife is “behind the scenes.”

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These two narratives cannot coexist, and it just proves how underhanded this story is. This outlet publishes bait-and-switch stories constantly. It ran a story saying “it’s all over” for the Sussexes, but the story was really about their titles.

It claimed Markle was arrested in California, but the story was really about her willingness to be imprisoned for her beliefs. It uses these misleading tactics to hide the fact that it really has no insight into its subjects whatsoever.

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One thing is for sure: Meghan Markle isn’t publicly melting down. She has no social media at all, and her public appearances are as rare as they are pleasant. This story is a whole lot of nonsense.

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