Meghan and Harry Request Rejected by Local Restaurant on Christmas Break

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s whereabouts this Christmas are currently unknown. The Queen has, however, canceled her traditional festive visit to Sandringham. Buckingham Palace aides labeled the decision a personal one, with Her Majesty taking a “precautionary approach” amid rising levels of the Omicron Covid variant.

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Members of the Royal Family are still expected to visit her at Windsor, though it is not clear which family members that will be. Harry and Meghan have not confirmed where they will be spending the festive period, but they are not expected to return to the UK.

It had been speculated that the Sussexes might make an appearance, especially with the birth of their daughter Lilibet earlier this year. However, this appears to have merely been speculation.

A source told Page Six that “staff knows Meghan and Harry are not coming” since they would have communicated otherwise if they were.

It will be the third consecutive Christmas that Harry has spent away from the rest of his family. Last year, coronavirus restrictions meant the Sussexes could not have returned to the UK, even if they had wanted to.

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They spent the Christmas of 2019, meanwhile, in Canada. They reemerged just days after Christmas to reveal their plans to step back from royal life. Their trip, however, did not go entirely to plan.

Unfortunately, the couple’s request to eat at a local restaurant was rejected, owing to security difficulties that come with hosting two of the most recognized people on the planet. They had planned to eat at Deep Cove Chalet, an upmarket seafood restaurant boasting magnificent waterfront views.

The restaurant’s owners, Bev and Pierre Koffel, turned down a request to host the royal couple for dinner. Harry and Meghan’s security team had identified the Deep Cove Chalet as a potential dining spot in advance.

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Security guards, Mrs. Koffel revealed to the local newspaper the Times Colonist, came to the restaurant to speak to her. She explained: “They said, ‘How did you figure out who we were?’ And I said, ‘It wasn’t too hard.”

Mr. Koffel had answered the phone and turned the Sussexes down. His wife told the newspaper: “You know what Pierre’s like. We’ll see what happens.”

Harry had reportedly been spotted hiking at nearly Horth Hill. Mrs. Koffel recalled: “Horth Hill’s become a very popular place now. And they jog around, so they’ve been seen.

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“It’s kind of exciting. I hope everything goes fine for them. “They’re breaking away from tradition and I just wish them all the best.”

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