Meghan Markle to face another lawsuit from own relative: report

Meghan Markle will be facing another lawsuit from another family member because her half-sister, Samantha Markle, is contemplating taking legal action against her, a report says.

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Meghan Markle is not on speaking terms with the members of the Markle family. She hasn’t spoken to her dad Thomas Markle Sr. and to her half-sister Samantha and half-brother Thomas Markle Jr. However, Samantha has vowed to sue her for defamation.

Meghan Markle sued a U.K. tabloid for publishing an intimate letter addressed to her dad. However, her half-sister wanted to sue her for defamation after the bombshell emails revealed she helped the Finding Freedom authors, Carolyn Durand and Omid Scobie.

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Samantha wants to sue Markle for “defamation, libel and slander” and “breach of privacy,” Sunday People reported.

Samantha wasn’t happy after learning that Markle emailed her former aide Jason Knauf with some details about her. In the email, the duchess said Samatha “lost custody of all three of her children from different fathers.”

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According to Samantha, she is speaking with a lawyer from England and another from the United States. She opted to speak with different lawyers because the two countries have different statutory windows and different issues.

“I’m looking at suing for defamation in the US. In the UK, I’m looking at a breach of privacy and data privacy act breach because the statutory window for defamation is only one year in the UK,” Samantha said. “Jason Knauf is subpoenable, and the messages to [him] are evidence she was libeling and slandering me. Anything to keep this family quiet was my sister’s motto. It’s horrible.”

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The Duke and Duchess of Sussex denied any involvement in their biography Finding Freedom. However, in his witness statement, their former communications secretary said they talked about the book on a “routine basis.” Also, it was discussed directly with Markle multiple times in person and by email.

Markle apologized to the court and admitted that Knauf provided information to the authors. However, the duchess said she wasn’t aware of the information Knauf shared with them. Also, she didn’t remember the exchanges between her and Knauf at the time. Markle said it wasn’t his intention to mislead the defendant or the court.

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Also, she wasn’t feeling well at the time because she was in the first trimester of her third pregnancy. They were very careful because she had a miscarriage during her second pregnancy.

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