Meghan Markle Desperate To Attend Oscars, But Prince Harry Won’t Go, According To Another Sketchy report

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are loving life in Los Angeles, but Markle may want more. One report speculates that the Suits star is anxious to return to Hollywood’s inner circles, and the ideal place to do so would be the Academy Awards. There’s only one problem: Prince Harry refuses to go.

According to The Sun, Markle is trying to bust her way back into Hollywood, but Harry has a burgeoning rivalry that’s gotten in the way. Spencer is primed to be an Oscar favorite, and Kristen Stewart is pretty much a lock for a Best Actress nomination. Harry was disturbed by the portrayal of Princess Diana, according to the report.

Harry would like to avoid interacting with Stewart by any means possible, but the Oscars are a big deal. The two are invited to the lavish ceremony, but that would inevitably mean interacting with Stewart. Were it up to Harry, the two would skip the Oscars altogether. Markle thinks they could successfully avoid Stewart, and she really wants to get back into Hollywood.

This whole story was picked up by numerous outlets after originally appearing in OK Magazine !. He hasn’t said a word about Spencer, and it doesn’t look like Markle is itching to get back into acting. She’s got a million other things going on in her life right now.

Are Markle and Harry going to attend the Oscars this year? Maybe, maybe not. Rumors persist about them presenting, but the ceremony hasn’t even announced who, if anyone, is going to host. With COVID-19 still a concern, it would hardly be surprising if many chose to stay home.

As tabloids are quick to remind readers, Harry chose to sign a production deal with Netflix. Netflix famously products The Crown, so we know for a fact that Harry doesn’t have an issue working with companies profiting off his mother’s image. Why would he avoid Stewart when he’s cashing Netlfix checks?

As for The Sun, it doesn’t exactly have a great track record with stories about the Sussexes. It claimed Liza Minnelli would personally help them find a home in LA. harry and Markle turned to Tyler Perry for help, and Minelli personally debunked this rumor. We’ll all just have to wait and see what the Duke and Duchess of Sussex decided to do on March 27.

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