Meghan Markle disobeyed the Queen’s order in politically charged letter: Report

Meghan Markle penned a letter calling out the progress to support parents by giving them paid leaves. However, a portion of her letter might not sit well with the Queen.

Meghan Markle has always been outspoken for the causes she supports. On Wednesday, her letter for the Congress was uploaded but part of it didn’t appear right for some.

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Prince Harry and Meghan Markle stepped down from their royal duties last year. It’s been over a year since they moved and settled in the United States.

Earlier this year, the Queen asked them to decide what they really wanted. The Queen did not accept their decision last year. Instead, Her Majesty gave the Sussexes a whole year to decide.

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Prince Harry and Markle decided to stand with their decision — to never go back in serving the monarchy. The Queen eventually accepted their decision but forbid them from using their HRH titles.

However, in Markle’s politically fueled letter calling Congress to approve paid leaves for parents, she signed it with “Duchess of Sussex.”

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“The agreement with the Queen was not to use HRH,” royal commentator Richard Fitzwilliams told Express.

Fitzwilliams praised Markle’s letter and wasn’t really surprised by it. For him, the Duchess of Sussex has always been articulate and was a campaigner since she was 11. However, he believed that Markle’s status as a royal is what makes her more popular.

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“However, she is who she is because she is a member of the Royal Family,” he added.

In a letter published on the Paid Leave for All website, the duchess shared the joy and challenges of being parents. According to Markle they were overjoyed and overwhelmed when they welcomed baby Lili back in June.

Fortunately, unlike other parents, they were able to take her home and spend the next months with their newborn. Markle believes that all parents deserve the same.

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For the duchess, parents should be given the opportunity to be with their kids without worrying about their jobs or finances. In this way, parents would feel supported.

“No family should be faced with these decisions. No family should have to choose between earning a living and having the freedom to take care of their child,” the duchess wrote.

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Markle added that paid leave should be a “national right.” She also acknowledged that things could be politically charged, but her call is not about right or left but right or wrong. She is hopeful that her call for paid leave will be a shared goal that will unite the people.

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