Meghan Markle slammed by brother for riding father Thomas’ coattails

Meghan Markle allegedly rides their dad Thomas Markle Sr.’s coattails, according to her half-brother Thomas Markle Jr. Meghan Markle is not on speaking terms with any of the Markles.

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She stopped talking to her dad after he canceled his attendance at her royal wedding. She didn’t invite any other relatives on her dad’s side on her big day. Markle’s mom was the only relative on her side present on her special day.

Just recently, her big brother Thomas Markle Jr. addressed the criticisms aimed towards him. Several of Markle’s fans accused him of riding her coattails which he disagreed with. Instead, he turned the tables on his royal sister.

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“I want to talk to everybody about me riding Meghan Markle’s coattails,” Thomas Jr. said per New Idea. “Simply, the fact is, let’s not forget where she came from. She came from my father’s coattails.”

Thomas Jr. said their dad worked his entire life in Hollywood and gave Markle access to the “best schools, acting class, college, auditions.”

“So, it’s OK for her to do it, but God forbid anybody in the Markle family does it?” Thomas Jr. added.

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Thomas Jr., one of the participants of Big Brother VIP in Australia, said it was “incredible” to be part of the show. He added that he “wouldn’t trade that in for anything.”

Meghan Markle blocked her dad and allegedly didn’t respond to his efforts in opening up their lines of communication. Thomas Sr. said in a previous interview that he sent the duchess a bouquet of flowers on her birthday, but he didn’t hear back from her.

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According to Thomas Jr., Meghan’s team has continuously bad-mouthed their entire family. He stressed that he has the right to defend himself and his family from her vicious attacks in the media to let the public see what’s fair and not.

Thomas Jr. previously spoke about growing up with Markle in the same house. According to him, he was already 15 when Markle was born. So, he babysat her like a normal family and fed her. Also, their dad had always made sure that they were together on holidays and other important occasions. 

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Thomas Jr. also shared that their dad, Thomas Sr., didn’t approve of Prince Harry for Meghan. The former light director doesn’t like the royal prince because he felt that the royal couldn’t protect Markle if he needed to.

However, Thomas Jr. felt that his sister knew what she was getting into. He implied that she was paid $4 million to bow and curtsey, take pictures, and do some charity works, so she should do her job and not complain.

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Meanwhile, Markle said in her infamous interview with Oprah Winfrey that she grew up as an only child. She also implied that she’s not close to her half-brother Thomas Jr. and half-sister Samantha, saying she wished she had siblings. Markle added she was happy when she learned she was pregnant again, so Archie would have someone growing up.

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