Meghan Markle, Prince Harry considering third baby despite previous statement?

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry previously said they only want two kids, but the royal couple is allegedly having a change of heart.

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are already parents of two adorable children. They welcomed their son, Archie, on May 6, 2019. On June 4, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s little girl, baby Lili, arrived. The couple is loving parenthood and is allegedly open to having another baby.

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Prince Harry, 37, and Markle, 40, visibly enjoy their roles as mom and dad. Previously, the Duke of Sussex said they only wanted two kids. The royal couple is a self-proclaimed environmentalist and according to reports, having more children contributes more to climate change. So, they decided to only have two.

However, unnamed sources told New Idea that they are considering having baby No. 3. An anonymous source told the outlet that the couple did a lot of soul-searching and they realized that they could contribute more good things to the world by raising smart and well-informed children. “They feel the positives of that outweigh the risks to the climate,” the source said.

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The tipster added that it would be slightly awkward given their previous statement, but they had been through a lot in the past. The Duke and Duchess of Sussex knew that they could say whatever they want and get away with it because the news cycle moves so fast, the insider said.

The source said Prince Harry and Markle only need to break the news about their third pregnancy and then have another controversial news story a week later so that everyone would move on to the new issue.

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Both Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are reportedly loving their roles as parents. Markle loved watching her husband with their son and daughter. Prince William’s brother is at his happiest moment around his kids, according to the insider.

And Markle loved Prince Harry’s sight with a newborn, so Lili would probably not be the last baby in the family. “Plus, ever since Lilibet arrived, Archie has been asking for a baby brother – and neither Meghan nor Harry can ever say no to him!” the insider said.

However, one should take the report with a grain of salt. Neither Prince Harry nor Markle mentioned any plans of expanding their family. Markle’s friend and makeup artist Daniel Martin recently spoke with People. According to him, the pair loves their life as a “family of four.”

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“They’ve struck a rhythm as a foursome,” he told People. If Prince Harry and Markle love their family of four, it’s unlikely that they will have another baby.

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