Meghan Markle, Prince Harry Make Major Travel Change After Facing Criticism For Years

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry have been on people’s radars for years now, and in this case, this also literally means flight radars as well. The prestigious couple has recently taken flack for using private jets with incredibly high emissions, which adds to the climate change discussions that have been so prevalent in society as of late.

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To prove that they are listening to the masses who disapprove of their private jet flights, they did something this last week that caught a lot of people off guard but definitely showed them committing to the cause.

To say that everything these two do is always scrutinized is an understatement. Since the couple left the royal family and publicly talked to Oprah Winfrey, they have been under a microscope.

One thing they have been attacked for is their constant use of a private jet to go to functions. Specifically when the couple flew home from a climate change event using a private jet in September.

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A single flight released seventeen thousand tons of emissions, which got a lot of people talking. The world was none too impressed with people in power claiming to want to address climate change, but then really only adding to the problem.

So this past weekend when Harry and Markle flew home from New York after a Veteran’s Day event, they decided to show just how committed they were to the cause and to show the public they are genuinely trying to make the right changes.

Imagine for a moment flying from New York to L. A and looking over to see Harry and Markle, masked up and sitting a few rows in front of you? That is exactly what happened to some fellow travelers as the power couple flew back home after their quick visit. Some people on the flight took to social media to share their genuine surprises.

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The two had flown to the Big Apple to attend a red carpet gala honoring veterans that took place in an art museum that was on an old aircraft carrier. Harry actually presented five veterans with the valor award for their bravery at the event, as he himself is a veteran now after having done two tours in Afghanistan. But his flight home is what everyone was talking about.

Markle and Harry have been under scrutiny not only due to the use of private jets but also for recently backing an ‘ethical’ Wall Street fund which was proven to be investing in both gas and oil. Two things only add to our current climate problems.

The two were made aware of the public reaction and made some statements themselves to quell the masses: “We have actively made choices to offset and balance their carbon footprint’ but also adding ‘nearly every activity in daily life results in the release of carbon into the atmosphere.”

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They said they take everything into account, even down to what they choose to eat and how often they eat. But obviously, in the simple act of taking a commercial flight, some people finally believe that they are willing to make the changes needed.

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