Meghan Markle, Prince Harry living a ‘sad’ life in California, says her brother

Thomas Markle Jr. does not understand why Meghan Markle and Prince Harry have to isolate themselves from their family as he calls their situation sad.

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The Oregon native believes that his half-sister is living a lonely life in her mansion in Santa Barbara, California. He claims that despite the many projects she and the Duke of Sussex have involved themselves in, they must still feel sad to be far away from their family.

“I just can’t understand why they do this to their family. Why are they isolating themselves?” he said in an interview with Closer magazine adding, “They seem to just want to be on their own and I can’t understand why. It’s sad.”

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The Duke and Duchess of Sussex have carved a path for themselves without the royals’ intervention since they moved to California in March 2020. They signed deals with Netflix and Spotify to produce original inspiring content and launched their non-profit organization Archewell Foundation.

Meghan Markle also released a children’s book called “The Bench” while Prince Harry has announced the release of his memoir next year. Thomas Jr., who did the interview from Santa Barbara, California, admitted that he does “not understand what they’re aiming for.” He noticed that they “seem to be putting their fingers in a lot of pies.”

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But despite their many ventures, he learned that they do not really mingle with other people. “I’m currently in California, I applied for a job here recently. The woman who interviewed me actually lives on the same road as Oprah, and near Harry and Meghan.

We became friends, and she’s taken me to some functions in LA. But the people I’ve met have said Harry and Meghan keep very much to themselves and don’t socialize much,” he shared.

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He added, “Meghan must be lonely, but then again if you’re lonely, you reach out to the family – the people you’re related to and who will always love you.

So she can’t be that lonely if she’s willing to cut everyone out, and deny her kids time with their families.”

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