Meghan McCain opens up on heartbreaking baby loss: ‘My child is with my dad in Heaven’

Former The View star Meghan McCain has opened up on her miscarriage, sharing that she believes her child is now in heaven with her granddad, John McCain.

Meghan and her husband Ben Domenech sadly lost their child in 2019 and the political commentator and daughter of the late US senator admitted that the only thing that gives “peace and solace” is that she feels “like that child is with my dad in the afterlife or in heaven,” adding: “And for whatever reason, it wasn’t meant to be here at that time.”

Senator McCain died in August 2018.

Meghan revealed that she found out about the miscarriage the day after, sharing that her experience was “very different” from the popular vision of a woman “bleeding profusely in the middle of a room or something”.

“I didn’t even really understand what HCG levels are or were. And [the doctor] told me that it should be doubling and it’s not and they aren’t as high as they need to be at this point in time and I just was so confused,” she told People.

“It was one of the darkest times in my life. It’s like every sense in my body was overwhelmed and then I was heartbroken.” Meghan and Ben are now parents to 15-month-old daughter Liberty.

The 37-year-old joined The View in 2017 but in 2021 left the show and later alleged there was a “toxic” work environment and that she often cried during commercial breaks.

“You can watch the show and see that it’s unhinged and disorganized and rowdy. For me personally, it felt extremely isolating because of my political ideology. I was the only conservative on the show. The third year, they ended up hiring a producer for me who was also conservative,” she told Variety.

She then claimed that after returning to the show with postpartum anxiety, following the birth of her daughter Liberty, the 36-year-old’s breaking point was when co-host Joy Behar told her she wasn’t missed.

“I was trying to make a joke, ‘You missed me so much.’ If you watch the clip, her reaction is very sharp. I can’t explain what it felt like,” she shared.  Meghan claims Joy, 76, never apologized.

In response to the allegations, ABC shared a statement that read: “Like all of the co-hosts, Meghan was an impactful editorial voice at the show influencing booking such guests as Steve Scalise, Lindsey Graham, Madison Cawthorn, and Marsha Blackburn and discussing stories including Alexei Navalny, Biden transition plans, Afghanistan and paid family leave, to name a few.”

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