Meghan Markle Rumors: Allegedly Banned From The Palace After Fights With Prince William And Queen Elizabeth

Has the royal family finally had enough of Meghan Markle? Rumor has it, Queen Elizabeth and Prince William are planning to make the duchess face serious consequences. Here’s what the tabloids are saying.

Just last month, Woman’s Day reported Prince William was determined to stop Meghan Markle from stepping foot back in the UK. Amid rumors that Markle was planning to visit the UK for the queen’s Platinum Jubilee, William wanted to send a clear message that she was not welcome.

“Meghan’s made things hard enough, without her swanning back into the UK and having all the headlines be about her again,” an inside source revealed. “Wills just doesn’t want the drama she always seems to bring.” And Markle certainly wasn’t taking well to the news.

“Meghan can’t bear the thought of how humiliating it would be if people found out she wasn’t invited,” the tipster confided. “She’s trying to reach him but is being stonewalled by his staff. William has made it clear the damage is done and he has no interest in speaking to her.”

Then, OK! revealed Meghan Markle was actually using her cousin-in-law Princess Eugenie and her husband to sneak her way back into the royal family’s favor. “[Markle] is using them as de facto message bearers to pass along her warm wishes to the Windsors,” a snitch whispered.

“However, she’s also making excuses for her and Harry’s public bashing of the family, along with veiled pleas for sympathy and understanding.” But the royals weren’t buying it. “[They] are well aware of what’s going on and aren’t fooled by it,” the tipster noted. “There’s only one way Meghan and Harry can earn their respect or have any chance of forgiveness — and that’s to issue an apology in person!”

But in a shocking turnaround, Life & Style revealed Queen Elizabeth was actually asking Markle to visit, but it was Markle that refused. The Sussexes had made a fuss about needed police protection in order to visit the UK, but sources said it was all a front.

“Her friends are saying that Meghan is trying to pull the get-out-of-jail-free card by using the security problem as an excuse to not fly to London — and she has brainwashed Harry into thinking it’s a major issue, too,” an insider charged.

Nevertheless, the queen would do anything to see her grandchildren. “She’s still begging Meghan, ‘Please let Harry come home for the Platinum Jubilee,’” the source confided. “Her desperation is clear at this point.”

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