Melania’s Former Adviser Released A Tape Of What Appeared To Be The Former First Lady Slamming Stormy Daniels

Now that Stephanie Winston Wolkoff has officially turned her back on the entire Trump family, namely her former close friend, former First Lady Melania Trump, Mel’s husband suddenly isn’t the only one finding himself at the center of secretly recorded tapes.

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A while back, we listened in horror as the former third First Lady unabashedly trashed both the Christmas holiday as well as innocent immigrant children locked in cages at our southern border with her typical “I don’t care” attitude.

But as it turns out, those tapes were apparently only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the treasure trove of information and recorded conversations Winston Wolkoff has on her former friend.

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In yet another batch of secret recordings from her former pal, Melania Trump can be heard trashing none other than her husband’s former mistress, Stormy Daniels.

Hollywood Life reports that the conversation happened on the heels of Melania discovering that Daniel would be featured on the upcoming cover of Vogue Magazine, back in 2018.

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“Annie Leibovitz shot the p*rn hooker, and she will be in one of the issues,” Melania tells her former close friend, Winston Wolkoff in the recordings.

“What do you mean?” Stephanie questioned, sounding rather confused at first. “She shot the p*rn hooker?”

Melania responded with a straightforward, “Stormy.” — A name that I’m sure she nearly choked on, being it’s the woman who her husband had an affair with during her pregnancy with their only (Donald’s youngest) son Barron, ultimately paying $130,000 through former personal attorney and “fixer” Michael Cohen as hush money ahead of the 2016 election.

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ver the years, reports have indicated that Melania didn’t really get her feathers ruffled over the leaked Access Hollywood tapes in which her husband can be heard bragging about sexually assaulting women as he pleases. However, it seems pretty obvious that the adult film actress that her husband had an affair with and tried it pay off is a bit of a sore spot for the First Lady.

Or, ya know, she’s just butthurt because Stormy Daniels got a Vogue cover and she didn’t — which you can see here.

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And you can listen to the bombshell recording here:

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