Michelle Obama Supposedly Driving Off Malia’s Boyfriend, Pushing Them To Breakup, Questionable Insider Says

Is Michelle Obama meddling in Malia‘s love life? One tabloid claims the former first lady is sabotaging her daughter’s relationship. Here’s what we know.

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The latest edition of the Globe reports Michelle Obama won’t leave her daughters’ love lives alone. The former first lady has reportedly been grilling Malia Obama about her relationship with Harvard Law grad Rory Farquharson.

“Rory is a great catch and he comes from a very wealthy family, but Michelle’s annoying Rory’s relatives in the U.K. too with her intrusive questions and power plays,” an inside source dishes. “No one likes to be grilled like that, but Michelle is oblivious.”

The tipster goes on, “Malia gets so mad at her mom and is so embarrassed, but Michelle is the boss of this family and won’t back down. She pushes her way in and checks up on them and grills Rory on his intentions.

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She won’t give them a moment’s peace.” Apparently, Michelle doesn’t approve of the couple living together without being engaged because that “is not what the Obamas do.” She also apparently shot down the possibility of Malia moving to England with Rory.

But Michelle has also gotten nosey about her younger daughter Sasha’s love life. “[Sasha] doesn’t even want to bring guys home to meet her parents because Michelle’s all over them giving them the third degree,” the insider confides.

But Michelle is undeterred. “Michelle says that you have to always have at least one parent who the kids think is a little bit crazy and might actually kill you,” the snitch concludes.

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After looking into this story, we found it extremely unlikely. Michelle has been vocal about how she doesn’t mind having an empty nest. During a recent interview on the Kelly Clarkson Show, she explained that Barack was having a much harder time watching his daughters grow up.

“Oh, my husband,” she said of the former president. “He was weeping and … he still is like, ‘They left me!’” But Michelle was ready for a break. “That’s because I spent all the time with them,” she added, “I was like, ‘Kick them out the door.’”

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Back in 2019, Michelle called parenting a “masterclass in letting go,” explaining that you can’t control everything in your children’s lives. Absolutely nothing Michelle has ever said or done warrants this kind of offensive speculation. Since the tabloid couldn’t provide a shred of evidence for its claims, we feel safe calling this story totally false.

We know better than to trust anything the Globe has to say about the Obama family. Last year, the tabloid claimed Michelle’s marriage to Barack was “splintering” over their competing careers. Then the magazine alleged Michelle regretted having children.

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The outlet reported Barack had turned on Joe Biden. And most recently, the publication alleged Barack was “grooming” Michelle to run for president. Obviously, the Globe isn’t trustworthy when it comes to the former first family.

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