Miranda Lambert Allegedly Racing Gwen Stefani To Have A Baby First Over Rumored Blake Shelton Feud

Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert were once wed, but now appear to be feuding. Is Lambert really trying to have a baby before Gwen Stefani? Here’s what Gossip Cop knows.

According to the National Enquirer, Lambert is anxious to welcome a new child before her ex-husband. She and Brendan McLoughlin are ready to be parents, and a source says, “Friends think she might already be pregnant!” This rumored baby is born just as much from love as competition.

“She wants to rub it in Blake and Gwen’s faces,” a source says. Lambert knows the two want a baby with a surrogate and got annoyed by Shelton’s perfect farm wedding. “Miranda’s so excited and planning the nursery and even buying new baby clothes,” an insider concludes.

“But she’s also obsessing about Blake and Gwen and is determined to tweak their high and mighty noses with a baby announcement!” Contrary to what tabloids would have you believe, Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert have moved on from one another. Their marriages prove they’re just in different chapters.

Tabloids are desperate for conflict, as a supposed restaurant war in Nashville, but words are wind. That baby should have been due by now, yet it never arrived. That’s because this is just a preposterous narrative that’s insulting to everyone involved.

Rumors about Lambert having a baby are a dime a dozen. In 2019, this very outlet promised Lambert and McLoughlin would have a baby to save their ailing marriage. That baby never arrived and the two are still happily wed. Just about every year, this tabloid trucks out another Lambert pregnancy story, and every year, it gets the story wrong.

As for Gwen Stefani, the bad history continues. Last year, we busted the Enquirer‘s story about Shelton and Stefani asking Nicole Kidman for surrogacy advice. Kidman and Stefani aren’t close, so that was all pretty silly. In June, Stefani was apparently pursuing IVF treatment so she could get pregnant, but the Enquirer dropped that narrative in favor of the surrogacy angle.

This mountain of bogus stories proves one thing: You cannot trust this outlet with pregnancy stories about Stefani or Lambert. If they have kids, it won’t have anything to do with a divorce from years ago.

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