Nicole Kidman reveals heartbreaking reason she returned to Australia

Hollywood star Nicole Kidman has revealed the sad reason why she is staying in Australia for the time being. Kidman arrived in Australia for the Sydney premiere of her latest film, Being The Ricardos, in December.

But instead of returning to the US, where she is based with her musician husband Keith Urban, Nicole has remained in Australia.

The reason?

Her 81-year-old mum, Janelle, is not well.

Speaking on the podcast Fresh Air, Kidman said the family was “taking care” of Janelle.

“We’re down here primarily to take care of my mother and to have her surrounded by her grandchildren,” Kidman explains.

Despite not being well, Kidman said she managed to take her mum to a Matisse exhibition at the Art Gallery of NSW.

“So luckily yesterday, even though Omicron is raging through this country, we were able to take her into the gallery after hours and show her the Matisse exhibit, which coming from a mother who’s raised me in the arts, it was soothing balm,” she said.

“Matisse was a soothing balm last night.”

Kidman added that she was being given a precious chance to see the world as her mother sees it.

“I’m at the place where I’m being given the chance to view the world because of how close we are, my mum is giving me the chance to view the world through an 81-year-old woman’s eyes,” she said.

“That is so beneficial right now because she’s so cognizant.

“She has every brain faculty available, so she hasn’t lost anything.

Nicole Kidman with her mum Janelle. Credit: Instagram/Nicole Kidman

“She hasn’t lost any memory, which is fascinating, and she’s extremely bright.

“She’s giving me access because she’s also very direct and very honest, and so I’m getting access to the world through her eyes, my mother’s eyes, so, therefore, a part of me almost at 80.”

Kidman has frequently spoken about the importance of her mother to her and the strong role she has played in her life.

Her mum was by her side at the Sydney premiere of Being the Ricardos, in which Kidman plays comedy legend Lucille Ball.

Kidman won a Golden Globe for her portrayal and has also been nominated for a prestigious Screen Actors Guild (SAG) Award.

The Hollywood star’s father, Anthony, died of a heart attack in 2014.

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