Oprah Winfrey Shocked Over Meghan Markle Betrayal, Regretting Sussex Interview, Latest Gossip Says

Is Meghan Markle thinking about getting her own talk show? One tabloid claims Ellen DeGeneres and Oprah Winfrey are furious that the duchess is infringing on their territory. Here’s what we know about Markle’s latest business venture.

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This week, New Idea reports Meghan Markle’s recent TV interviews may have been more calculated than they appeared at first glance. While Markle’s interviews with Oprah Winfrey and Ellen DeGeneres first looked like intimate sit-downs with her close friends, the magazine claims she was actually feeling out the talk-show environment so she can create one of her own.

“Meghan was absolutely testing the waters for herself by going on Oprah and Ellen,” an insider dishes. “Having her own show would be the perfect vehicle to push her own agendas and causes. She loves the idea of returning to television, but with her name in the lights this time.”

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And according to other tabloids, Markle fully intends to use her duchess title in the name of her show. But her royal title isn’t the only thing Markle would be using to push her way onto the talk show stage. Apparently, both DeGeneres and Winfrey wouldn’t be able to help feeling like Markle used them to get her show.

“Meghan could be seen as using Ellen for a leg-up into her own show, but I doubt Ellen would mind that too much, as long as the duchess looks after her in the future,” the tipster explains. But Winfrey may not be so forgiving. “Meghan could become her rival,” the insider reveals. “Oprah would certainly feel used if that happens. I can’t imagine she’d let it stand for long.”

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Meghan Markle Becoming Oprah Winfrey’s Rival?

There’s a lot to unpack here. First of all, it’s true there have been whispers claiming Markle is eyeing up a career as a talk-show host. That being said, those rumors have generally been confined to tabloids and gossip blogs. The duchess hasn’t addressed the rumors, so we have no idea if there’s any truth to them at all.

Furthermore, even if she did decide to become a talk-show host, in what way would she be “betraying” DeGeneres and Winfrey? Appearing on a talk show and hosting one are very different things, so this connection is flimsy at best. Besides, there’s plenty of room in the talk-show world.

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Winfrey has restricted her interviews to only the highest-profile cases in recent years, and DeGeneres’ show is in its final season. We seriously doubt either of them would have a problem with Markle stepping into the talk-show business.

But more than anything, it’s just an extremely thin story. There’s absolutely no evidence to back up Markle’s alleged talk-show plans — it’s all hearsay at best. And the tabloid only says that DeGeneres and Winfrey might be upset if Markle starts her own talk show. It’s all completely baseless speculation, and readers shouldn’t take any of it seriously.

This is far from the first time New Idea has gotten it wrong about Meghan Markle. A few months ago, the tabloid claimed Markle was furious after catching Prince Harry with a “sporty brunette.”

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Then the outlet alleged Harry planned to move out and leave his “nightmare” life with Markle. And more recently, the publication reported Markle had a “public meltdown” after running into some legal trouble. Obviously, New Idea isn’t reliable when it comes to the Duchess of Sussex.

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