Prince Charles leans on Kate Middleton after painful year

Prince Charles and Kate Middleton are, allegedly, very close. According to Woman’s Day, Prince Charles has been leaning on Middleton for support. And since the two royals are very close to each other, Prince Charles is able to share personal stories with his daughter-in-law.

A source claimed that the heir to the throne is incredibly lonely that’s why he’s trying to find support in all the right places. And one of the people who has been there for him is Middleton.

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“Prince Charles is incredibly lonely. So many key people in his life have left him in one way or another. To his surprise though, the series of unfortunate events has brought him closer to Kate, who’s been a real rock for not just William, but Charles as well,” the source said.

The insider said that Prince Charles enjoys Middleton’s company so much so that he makes it a point to call her on the phone.

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“It gives him a real boost and a sense of normality that he craves. Kate is truly the daughter he never had, and he’s grateful for her calming presence in such stressful times. It’s not like Charles isn’t close with William, but they have a rather businesslike dynamic at times. And given the huge weight of expectation on them both, it isn’t a surprise. But with Kate, Charles finds he can just be himself – and a father-in-law and a grandpa,” the source said.

This isn’t the first time that Prince Charles and Middleton were reported to have a close relationship with each other.

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According to Hello! magazine, Middleton is very close to her in-laws, as well as Queen Elizabeth. In fact, the Duchess of Cambridge also supports the senior royals with everything that they need.

Since Prince Charles doesn’t have a daughter, she, reportedly, feels that Middleton is the daughter that he never had.

But even though it’s true that Prince Charles and Middleton are close, it’s not true that the future king is leaning on the latter this much.

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There’s also no proof that Prince Charles is very lonely these days that’s why he needs Middleton’s support.

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