Prince Harry, Meghan Markle On The Outs After ‘Huge Fights’?

The media thoroughly covers Prince Harry and Meghan Markle‘s lives, especially after the couple separated themselves from the royal family.

But how much longer will Markle and Prince Harry’s marriage last? According to several outlets, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex are constantly bickering and in disagreement. Gossip Cop investigates the latest stories on the former royals.

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In early June, Life & Style reported that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle had “the fight to end all fights.” Apparently, Prince Harry was missing life as a royal, which caused tension between him and Markle.

The tipping point for the couple occurred when Prince Harry wanted to return to England with his son Archie and visit Queen Elizabeth. The outlet alleged Markle refused to let that happen.

“She wasn’t having it. Meghan totally flipped out at him,” an insider close to the royals explained. The same source said that when Prince Harry stood up to his wife, it led to “the fight to end all fights.”

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Although Prince Harry didn’t “want anyone worrying about him and Meghan,” the Duke and Duchess of Sussex were already planning to go to couples counseling.

In the same month, New Idea reported that Prince Harry had trouble adjusting to life in the United States.

“Being ripped away from one’s family with so much unsettled business that would cause drama for anyone,” a royal tipster explained. The insider added that it seemed Prince Harry was “a fish out of water in America.”

The magazine also claimed that Markle was the one who pushed Prince Harry to move away from his family. Despite the front Prince Harry put on during interviews, the source reported “no one would say” he “was truly happy.”

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But the tabloid quoted a former royal protection officer who assured that the royal family would happily welcome Prince Harry back “with or without his wife.” New Idea recently revealed Prince Harry was spotted flirting with polo player Riley Ganzi at a charity polo match.

As Markle stayed home with their two children, Prince Harry got a bit too friendly with Ganzi. An insider claimed Markle “ended up rather regretting her decision to stay home” after Prince Harry was pictured with his arm around Ganzi.

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“Meghan’s mind went into overdrive as soon as she noticed Riley,” the snitch said. Even though Prince Harry was “smitten with Meghan these days,” the magazine pointed out that she was in for a bad time since he planned to travel more for charity events. “Meghan might want to get her apparent green-eyed monster under control,” the source leaked.

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