Prince Harry’s Ex-GF New Comments Sheds Light On Reason He Married Meghan Markle

Whoever Prince Harry dates will almost certainly receive widespread media coverage, as both he and Meghan Markle have been in the public eye for decades. The pair has certainly come under scrutiny since they stepped down from their royal duties as senior members of the household.

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The Duchess of Sussex herself stated that the stress of this new level of attention had put her in a mental rut. Florence St. George, Prince Harry’s ex-girlfriend, also confirmed the serious media concern she experienced during her romance with the Duke of Sussex.

In 2011, Prince Harry and St. George (previously Brudenell-Bruce) dated for a few months. The former couple kept their romantic relationship silent for a while, garnering media attention only for a few days. Nonetheless, even with the limited time, the paparazzi feverishness was far too much for St. George to manage.

The trend of tabloid coverage, she discovered, was no less overwhelming. “Although it was sad at the time, I come to feel lucky that the romantic relationship was short-lived,” St. George stated to The Instances.

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“When I glimpsed for five, 6, 7 times — we have been collectively a little bit lengthier than that but that’s how very long it was in the press — what it was like to be beneath that focus I identified it definitely terrifying and I produced a final decision really promptly that it wasn’t the suitable issue for me,” she spelled out. St.

George, a former model who is now married with children of her own, consistently stated that the level of interest she received influenced her far more than she expected. The media coverage of being Prince Harry’s husband or wife is far more unsettling than the public may believe.

St. George Compliments Meghan Markle’s Strength

The problem of no longer having much privacy due to tabloid media prying on your marriage is something that everyone would struggle with. For Markle, the former actress was used to public appearances and carrying herself on red carpets, giving her a little more experience than some of Harry’s previous companions when it came to present herself to the world.

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Even so, the former Suits star’s daily life was no match for the British tabloid press, which tirelessly scrutinizes her. The pressure from the media can be far too much to bear, and dealing with it for years is not easy. For that, St. George complimented Meghan: “I acquire my hat off to individuals who can cope with that lifestyle, but I realized I could not.”

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