Royal Rumor Says Palace Insiders Fear For Queen Elizabeth After Suffering Two Tragic Losses

Is Queen Elizabeth near the end of her reign? One tabloid claims the monarch doesn’t have long left. Here’s the latest gossip about the queen’s health.

This week, the National Enquirer reports that recent losses have Queen Elizabeth fearing that death will come for her next. The queen lost her husband Prince Philip last April, and sources say she’s still struggling to come to terms with his absence.

But just when time may have started to heal her pain, two of the queen’s closest staff, Duchess Ann Fortune FitzRoy and Diana Maxwell, both passed away in December after decades in the queen’s service.

And as the queen struggles with her own health, her heartache has only worsened her ailments. And now, insiders say they fear she won’t survive the year. “Given her frail state,” the tipster explains, “these losses have been harder for her.” While it’s true that the queen suffered significant losses over the last year, we have no reason to believe that the heartache has somehow pushed her closer to death.

That being said, the queen’s health is a highly secretive matter, so even if the claims in this report were true, it’s unlikely that the tabloid would know anything about it. It’s more likely that the tabloid saw how vulnerable Her Majesty has been in recent times and decided to exploit her hardships to sell magazines.

But the National Enquirer has continuously made morbid predictions about the queen’s health, and yet none of them seem to have come true. Back in November, the outlet claimed Her Majesty was “dying in plain sight” after being hospitalized for a “leukemia crisis.”

According to the outlet’s source, “The palace is in panic, but they’re downplaying the crisis… It’s their desperate bid to project an ‘everything’s all right’ front. But the truth is Her Majesty is fading fast.”

Then the magazine reported Prince Charles and Prince William were fighting over the throne as the queen wasted away. “She’s negotiating with them, apparently suggesting Charles reigns until he’s 80, then turns over the crown to William,” an insider dished. We investigated the queen’s alleged succession plan here.

And finally, the publication alleged the queen was on her deathbed, making plans to strip the Sussexes of their royal titles. “Her Majesty is furious the Sussexes have used their kids as pawns in their revenge crusade against the royal family,” one source revealed. “Her Majesty has had enough. Harry and his family are banished forever — along with the titles they need for Hollywood success!”

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