Queen Elizabeth wants to keep the throne away from Prince Harry: Rumor

Queen Elizabeth II allegedly wanted to keep the throne away from the hands of Prince Harry, so she forbade Prince William from flying with his family. Queen Elizabeth II and the rest of the royal family members are well-aware of the line of succession.

Prince Charles is next in line to the throne. After the Prince of Wales, Prince William will be leading the monarchy, then his son, Prince George. The Queen allegedly forbade Prince William from ensuring that the monarchy wouldn’t go into Prince Harry’s hands.

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Prince William knows how to fly a helicopter. Sometimes, the second in line to the throne pilot the plane for him and his family to travel back and forth from London to Norfolk or vice versa.

An unnamed source said the Queen asked the Duke of Cambridge to stop flying helicopters by himself. Prince William is a licensed pilot and she is not concerned about his flying skills. The Queen was allegedly concerned about the family’s safety.

She didn’t want Prince William to fly the aircraft, especially in bad weather, because she didn’t want them to take the risk. Both Prince William and Prince George are in line to the throne and if something happens to them, the fate of the monarchy will be left in Prince Harry’s hands.

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In Daniela Elser’s column for News.com.au, the monarchy is allegedly not “guaranteed” to “survive the Sussexes’ stewardship,” Geo News reported. The outlet seemingly portrayed a rocky relationship between the grandmother and grandson, Queen Elizabeth II, and Prince Harry.

It suggested that the Queen doesn’t trust the Duke of Sussex. Or maybe she just didn’t want the Cambridges to take the risk. Those following the Sussexes and the royal family know that Prince Harry and the Queen have shared a tight bond.

The Queen has always supported the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s decision. When Prince Harry and Markle announced last year that they were stepping back from their royal duties, the Queen allowed them. Her Majesty even gave them a chance to return to their positions by giving them a year to make up their mind.

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Prince Harry and Markle stood by their decision. The pair said they wanted to be financially independent. The Queen accepted their choice and said, they remained “much-loved members of the family,” People reported.

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