Ryan Reynolds Rumors: Allegedly On The Outs With Wife Blake Lively After Fights, Relationship ‘In Jeopardy’

Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively appear to be one of Hollywood’s happiest couples. The Green Lantern stars share a quirky sense of humor and frequently post kind messages about one another on social media. While all may seem fine, rumors swirl about unrest at home.

Is Lively pressuring Reynolds to quit his acting job? Are cracks emerging over family drama? Is the relationship itself hanging in the balance? Let’s go over some of the juiciest rumors going around.

According to Woman’s Day, Reynolds is only taking a break from acting because Lively told him to. An insider says, “Between movies and his businesses, he has no time for her and the kid.” Lively apparently craves a normal life and told Reynolds he had to make a decision.

Now that Reynolds is walking away from acting, a tipster says, “Blake couldn’t be happier.” Lively is so happy, in fact, that she’d like to have another baby before Reynolds returns to the big screen.

It’s tempting to dismiss this story outright, but there are elements of reality at play. Reynolds really did announce on Instagram that he plans to take a “little sabbatical from movie-making.”

Pet OK magazine! Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively are hiding their problems from the public. The actors have “become very good at faking it and hiding things from the public,” an insider says. Reynolds’ sabbatical is proof that there are struggles going on.

“It’s hard on her for him to be away for so long. As much as she enjoys her space, it was getting to the point where they were two ships passing in the night,” a source says. The two fight far more often, so Reynolds is realigning his priorities to make things right.

The marriage is on the line, Life & Style reports. Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively’s old strategies for keeping the peace have failed because they just never spend any time together, an insider says, and Reynolds is stepping away from acting so he can save the marriage.

The source says, “[They] could lose everything. They’re fighting for their marriage and are committed to spending more time together as a family.” The two have grown apart, according to the tipster, so this is their last chance.

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