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Iggy Azalea hot
Iggy Azalea

This has been a huge year for a lot of musicians. We were introduced to great artists that we’ve grown to love like Sam Smith and Iggy Azalea.

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Megan Trainor Photos
Megan Trainor

Most of us found out about some great musicians that had previously been unnoticed, like Meghan Trainor and Charli XCX. Most of all, we saw some of the biggest names in music continue their hit parade, from Beyonce to Taylor Swift.

Charli XCX hot
Charli XCX

Tay released songs like “Shake it off” and “Blank space” while Bey released tracks like” 7/11,” and a platinum edition of her widely successful “visual album,”  which is now nominated for a Grammy for album of the year.

taylor swift face makeup
Taylor Swift

We all know the story behind her surprise album; “BEYONCE.” Like she says, in her latest song with Nicki Minaj on her new album, “Change the world when that digital drop,” she proudly continues “know where you was when that digital pop. I stopped the world.” She did stop the world, didn’t she?


Speaking of the queen of rap, Nicki, her new album “The Pink Print,” is set for a release of 15/12/14. It was originally set for a release date of November but because of no real reason was postponed for December. The album has been supported by three singles, “Pills N Potions,” “Anaconda,” and “Only.” The latter is featuring other hit makers like  Lil’ Wayne and Drake. Who are both Nicki’s  label mates. We will be sure to drop a review of “The Pink Print,” it’s definitely one of the most hyped up albums of the year so far. However looking at the poor year music as a whole has had that’s not saying a lot.

Nicki Minaj Singing
Nicki Minaj

The only album to go platinum is Taylor’s “1989.” Don’t get me wrong musicians, as I said earlier, are doing great. Services like spotify have really made the fame game easier to play, but they’ve also brought music, as a whole, down. Like Taylor believes music is worth something and that is the reason she didn’t put her album on spotify. Maybe even the main reason her album hit a million in its first week. The last female album to sell as much as Taylor’s was Britney Spears’  “…Baby one more time.” Taylor, however, broke that record.

Justin Timberlake singing
Justin Timberlake

All this chart talks got me excited about the year-end charts, which billboard recently revealed. These chartings are something me and a lot of other people look forward to in the month of December. If you aren’t one of them but feel like you missed out on some of the greatest songs and albums of the year, you have to check out Billboard’s year-end chart.  Before you do that I’ll just give you a  quick summary of 2014’s charts. One direction took the title for top male artist and top duo, while Katy Perry was crowned the top female artist and Justin Timberlake was the top male artist.

Katy Perry Classy Outfits
Katy Perry

The highest charting song on the hot 100 was obviously “Happy,”, do I  even need to tell you who it’s by? The top billboard 200 artist was Taylor Swift, even though her album “1989,” was the third best selling album of the year…..i don’t know why. You’re probably wondering which albums topped Taylor’s “1989.” Well they were frozen’s soundtrack “Frozen,” and Beyonce’s  “BEYONCE.” Coming number one and two respectively.

Lana Del Rey Songs
Lana Del Rey

There’s been a lot of new music being released and a lot of new music hitting the charts. From Jennifer Lawrence’s   “Hanging Tree,” to Lana Del Rey’s “Big Eyes.” The latter is for Tim Burton’s new movie and is nominated for a golden globe, while it’s loving companion (pun indented) was left out. The song is also being considered for a Oscar nom, hopefully it won’t be left out like last year’s “Young and Beautiful.” Another amazing track nominated for a golden globe and being considered for an Oscar is Lorde’s “Yellow Flicker Beat,” for the Jennifer Lawrence powered flick; “Mockingjay.”

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Britney Spears award
Britney Spears

Another great new track is the afore mentioned Nicki Minaj and Beyonce song “Feeling myself,” and another song mentioned before “I Can Fly,” by Lana Del Rey which was the one released for the movie Big Eyes. “Do it,” is another amazing beat by Selena Gomez from her new (sort of) album “For You.”

Selena Gomez Music
Selena Gomez

Last but not least it was the queen’s birthday. No, not Beyonce’s, the other queen. That’s right, it was Taylor’s birthday. Happy Birthday Taylor!

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