Tiger Woods Trapped In ‘Prison Of Pain,’ Giving Up On A Golf Comeback?

Is Tiger Woods retiring from golf for good? One tabloid claims Woods has been psychologically crippled by his recent car crash and has no plans to hit the green again. Let’s check in on the star golfer.

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This week’s edition of the Globe reports Tiger Woods is in no shape to make a golf comeback. While the athlete was thought to be near recovered from his car crash earlier this year, the tabloid claims Woods isn’t mentally well enough yet to return to the sport.

“Everyone assumes Tiger’s on the road to recovery, but psychologically it gets tougher and tougher to dig deep and stay positive — especially since he’s still in a heap of physical pain,” an inside source dishes.

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Woods was missed at the prestigious Ryder Cup last month, but he still isn’t in any condition to play. “He would’ve loved to attend, but he’s in worse shape psychologically and physically than his fans realize,” the tipster confides. “He hobbles around on crutches.

There’s no way he could walk a golf course and he doesn’t want people’s pity.” The insider adds, “His friends and loves ones are worried things are going to get even more dreadful because he’s got a long, long way to go.”

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The timing of this report was just embarrassing. While the story seemed unlikely to last week when it was published, it’s next to impossible now. Woods was recently spotted back on the green.

A video obtained by TMZ shows Woods walking on a golf course in Florida, watching his son play a junior tournament. Not only were there no crutches insight, but he was even getting around without a limp. Physically, it seems Woods has made a miraculous recovery.

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Now, we can’t speak to his mental state, but since the tabloid was so horribly wrong about the state of his physical injuries, we can only assume that it had no real insight into his psychological well-being either.

The truth is, we don’t know when or if Woods will play again — only time will tell. But in the meantime, we’re glad he’s not “trapped in a prison of pain” as the tabloid claims. It’s hard to trust anything the Globe says about Tiger Woods.

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Earlier this year, the magazine claimed Woods was “creeping out” his ex-wife. And after his car crash, the magazine alleged Woods was trying to cover up details about the accident. Clearly, the Globe has it out for Woods.

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