Woman Claims Tristan Thompson Is Father Of Her Baby, Alleges 5 Month Affair

A woman named Maralee Nichols has come forth claiming to have had a five-month affair with Sacramento Kings star, Tristan Thompson. She also has stated that a five-month tryst led to a pregnancy, of whom Thompson is rumored to be the father.

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What makes this all the spicier is the fact that the woman claims all this happened while Thompson was dating Khloe Kardashian. Nichols also happened to be Thompson’s personal trainer, complicating all this even further. Thompson is known to have cheated on Kardashian before.

So the actual conception is believed to have happened in a Houston hotel on the NBA star’s 30th birthday. The passion then supposedly continued for roughly five months before they two stopped seeing each other, according to Nichols. Nichols is wasting no time in trying to get this worked out.

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She moved from Texas to Los Angeles, solely to pursue holding Thompson accountable as the father of her child, who was born on December on the fourth of December.

The trainer is seeking child support, reimbursement of medical expenses, and pregnancy-related costs such as Lamaze classes, a doula, and prenatal vitamins, though the exact amount has yet to be released to the public.

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What makes this news even more upsetting is the fact that Thomson has two other kids with two different women. He has a daughter named True with Khloe Kardashian whom he was dating at the time of the alleged affair.

Kardashian dumped Thompson after seeing him entering a private room during a Beverly Hills party with three unnamed women, so this type of behavior is what he is well known for. Nichols is doing her best to hold him accountable, despite his social clout.

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Thompson has responded by putting in a motion to keep the trial in Texas and not California, claiming the couple only had intercourse twice during their affair. Details about this case are unknown at this time, with both sides disputed the facts, but it looks like Thompson’s time as a lothario could be catching up with him again, with some consequences that could be far-reaching.

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